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Whirlpool Dishwasher Won't Start

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Hello,  I have a GU2300XTVT1 that won't start.  This started after I turned the breaker off for the garbage disposal to upgrade the switches in the kitchen.  The dishwasher is on the same breaker.  I have checked for continuity on both the door switch and the thermal switch.  Both check fine.  The latch looks to be in good shape as well.  I also visually inspected the control board but didn't see any burn marks or discoloration.  The wash and heated dry buttons light up so it's getting power.  I don't know if there is a reset button or something I'm missing.  I hate to just buy the control board for it so if anyone has a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it. 
Thank you!!!

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since you have power going to the dishwasher , did you verify the correct voltage going into it. ??   I read that you had changed the kitchen electrical stuff so you may have altered the correct line voltage  for the dishwasher.   Just something to think bout.  I would also double check the door switches.    That control panel /keypad  is probably where your problem is.  Are all the keypad buttons lighting up when they are pressed and shutting off when they are pressed.?  Make sure the start button is also lighting up when you press start. I have replaced that exact control panel many times .  Check out the keypads electrical strip  for any brown spots on the wires in the strip.  Pay specific attention to the ends of the strip on both ends as far in as you can see.  If you see any brown or discolored  wires in the strip anywhere. You may have a bad keypad control panel

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Hi Darren,  Thank you for information.  I finally had time to check the things you suggested.  I didn't see any discoloration on the ribbon strip but I did notice there are buttons that don't light up.  None of the Cycle buttons light up, the Option buttons are:

Power Scrub - No

High Temp - Yes

Sani Rinse - Yes

Heated Dry - Yes

Delay - No

Start - No

I didn't know if this would be of any help.  Your thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you!!

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Ryan Thomas


Try the keypad operation check steps in the picture.

This will help narrow it down between the control and UI.


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