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Frigidaire FFGF3005mwb oven Thermostat replace

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here is one quote for the after market price 


I called a local appliace dealer to see if he might have the part and when I told him the price he was shocked.  said it should only be about $25 bucks.  also said that reliable parts usually has the best price. 

I think I am just going to order this on from amazon it has the connection too


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I must have gotten lucky. Since replacing the thermostat the oven gets up to the correct temp and stays there.  I have been using the thermometer to test it .    I also borrowed the multimeter from the library and I am trying to test the old thermostat  I can't for the life of me figure out how this thing is suposed to work.  It  isn't the fluke meter, this time it is a Commerical Electric  I have it set to read Ohms.  but not getting much reading on any of the ohms settings, except for when i touch the wires together  

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