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Whirlpool GY397LXUB03 Not Heating

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So I wanted to drop some info in here and see if I'm truly at the point I think I am in trying to repair my electric range.

The background:
A couple of days before Thanksgiving, my wife was cooking a (delicious) spiral cut ham in the oven. When she went to remove it to add the glaze, she heard a loud pop, and the whole range seemingly went out. I quickly looked it over and realized the breaker had tripped, so I reset it. I figured some steam, ham juice, or some other kind of liquid/condensation had gotten into the control panel somehow and simply shorted things out, as initially things seemed ok after the breaker reset (admittedly we were pretty much done cooking for the day, and only used the broil cycle to heat the glaze). The next day we went to make some pizza rolls for our kids' lunch, and found that the oven wasn't heating at all above 100°.

The Troubleshooting:
After a quick trip down Google lane, I decided it would probably be quickest and easiest to order/replace the bake element, as all signs seemed to point towards it having gone out. After some delays in ordering it, and some delays in shipping, the part finally arrived this past Monday. The install went rather smoothly, and we were eager to have our range back up and running again, only it still wasn't heating above 100°. During a good chunk of the day yesterday I dug around a bit more through various blog posts, repair forums (like here), and through some YouTube videos trying to see what could still be the issue. After everything, I broke out my multimeter and checked the following: 240v coming in at the socket, 240v coming through the cord and into the terminal block, 120v splitting properly at the terminal block to each side, 23-25Ω of resistance though the new baking element (I also ended up checking the old element, and it was reading the same), and the temperature sensor was reading roughly 1065Ω of resistance at ambient room temperature. From what I'm reading and seeing, all of these numbers are right where they need to be for the unit to function.

Looking through everything I've found leads me to the control board at this point, and while I have no problem doing the repairs/replacement myself, by the time it's all said and done, we'll have spent about $350 on parts and shipping trying to remedy this issue. The range is over 6 years old, and while we like it and have had no issues with it in general, we've already put about $600 into repairs on it (we replaced the glass cooktop a year or so ago because I had a moment where I decided to use it as a stepping stool, and broke it). Is there anything else that I can try to get it up and running, or am I at the point of replacing the board? I hate to be one of those people who just tosses an appliance out every few years in favor of a new one, but is it worth keeping this one up and running?

Thanks for the thoughts and advice.

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If you heard a pop... I bet if you pull board you will see burnt component on board. 

Only you can decide if it’s worth it. 

PS. In the future forget all the background info. Lots of guys won’t bother reading your post because it’s too long. 

Here’s how I’d of asked your question  

We were using Range we heard a pop. Oven now only gets 100. I replaced element and still only gets to 100. 

I tested new and old elements and they looked good as did the sensor. 

Could it be anything other than board?

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