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A/C not cold enough

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my a/c is running non-stop and just not cooling well.

my guess is it needs puron. the air coming out is cool but not COLD. nothing is freezing up. it has been hotter than hell here (high 90s everyday) but once we are in the house and moving around it never gets cool enough.

I've been home since 5:00 and it is still 76 degrees in here and the a/c hasn't turned off once. if it's 76 at the thermostat it's 80+ upstairs.

is ther anything I can do myself or do I just call somebody...again?

it's a bryant we bought in 98. the filter isn't that old but I wll change it tomorrow. just got a new "connector" and "hard start". The puron was boosted several years ago. the system had frozen up. It froze up last year too but changing the filter fixed that, after thawing.

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  If you are able to achieve a 20 degree difference between your inside temperature and the outside temperature you are doing well.  The air coming out of your air handler should be 18 to 20 degrees colder than what is going in.  What part of the country are you in?

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Is this a window unit or a split system(2 piece)

1st it sounds like UR on the line as far as tonnage. Rule of thumb is to figure 1 ton of A/C 4 every 400sq/ft of house( not including attics, garage, etc. just conditioned space)  example--2000 sq/ft house = 5 tons of A/C.

If Ur short tonnage that could be Y  under the extreme heat and probably humidity( humid in Atlanta,, nooo) UR having now, the unit just can' t keep up. Its holding its own.

Do the simple checks 1st. Filter clean? If the fan is belt drive, is it it good shape and on tight( not to tight). Has the outside coil been washed this year? If its not to difficult , can U look at the inside coil and C if there a lot of dirt on it? 

If U have a pocket thermometer, no matter what type of A/C it is, measure the return air back to the unit and the cold air coming vfrom the unit. Ur looking 4 an 18-22 degree split between the 2 temps. If U have that then my guess is UR machine is doing all it can. If Ur outside (hi/lo) of that range get back to us with what ya have and will take it from there;)

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