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BTU Rating for Kenmore Window A/C ?

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Hi all,

I'm having a hard time finding the BTU rating on my Kenmore (model# 106.9751852) window a/c unit. The unit is about 10-12 years old. I've search all over the unit itself, as well as, in the owner's manual, to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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why would ya be a wanting to know for?

OK what is my window units ac btu rating? well what size is it

 is it itty bitty or is it real large?

 a small one will be about 5000 BTUs, a huge one would be 29000 BTUs

a med size one might be 12k or 14 k it could be running on 120 volts ac  a larger unit might be 18000 BTUs running on 240 volts why would ya want to be knowing the BTU rating?

 could it be because you aint getting satisfaction outta dat dad burn unit?

Is it larger than a cow or smaller than a sow?

 I looked at the sears website and they couldnt confer what yer model was.

However I thought on it a little bit and ask myself  why dont you get the dude to tell us why the question?


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I'm thinking of replacing the unit and would like to replace it with the same size. It's a medium sized unit, 240 volts.

The compressor runs, but no air is blowing. I assume it could be the fan motor. I haven't checked it yet and was just thinking ahead...worse case scenario, you know :)

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A service flash on the model number suggest it is between 18,000 and 29,000 BTU, a problem with the evaporator freezing up. I would see if the fan blades turn by hand, just to make sure they are not bond up on something....

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Share on other sites this is the link to the motor you will need, You can fix this unit. it has a quick plug ,so no wiring knowledge needed.Take your time aand you will save money

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to find the BTU rating

Btu/h =( wet b.  in factor - wet b. out  factor) x  cfm


CFM = 400

at 66 WET B. IN  F   FACTOR = 137

at 44 WET B. OUT   F FACTOR =77

difference                               = 66

BTU/H = (137 - 77) X 400  = 24000 BTU/H  = 2  TONS


40 F WB. =68.4

44 F= 77.0

50 F= 90.9

54 F = 101.0

60 F = 117.8

66  F=  136.6

70 F= 150.8

74 F = 166.3

 80 F 192.0

84  F= 211.3


SAM  SEC.52  P 10 

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