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Unit runs then stalls down

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MY unit runs and does everything it should for a while.  Then it starts making a different sound and within a few seconds the outside fans stops turning.  Then in a few seconds it kicks the High pressure cutoff and stops the compressor.  After a while I can reset the High pressure switch and do the same thing again.

I have been able to troubleshoot enough to find out that the outside fan motor is stalling down because of a bucking voltage getting to the motor some way.  It is a 230 v motor with a start winding.  It seems like the only way for this to happen would be the capacitor shorting form one section to other or for the windings in the motor to actually short to each other.

I'm fairly familiar with electrical circuits and how they work I just hate to start buying parts that I might not need to repair the unit I've been given estimates from $300 to $800 to repair but since I'm unemployed just need to save all the money I can.

Anyone have any ideas? Paul

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Look @ the cap particularly at the terminals. Does it looked deformed or bulged out? Do U see any oil on it, around it? Most are filled with oil. Thats the insulator.Caps rarely go bad.

If U have an analog multi meter ( with a needle, not digital), U can test UR cap.  Turn the unit off and kill the main power. Let it sit for a while. Remove the wires from the cap and use a screw driver to ground one terminal to the metal of the unit. That should discharge and voltage that might have been stored.

Set Ur meter to the OHM's scale. Place one lead on 1 terminal of the cap and the other lead on the other terminal. The needle should go to infinity and then drop back down. Reverse UR leads and the same thing should happen again. The cap is good.

If the needle stays up @ infinity its shorted. If it doesn't move at all its open. Caps are cheap. If in doubt still, change it out. If Ur gonna replace the motor then replace the cap with it. Make sure they give U the correct cap for the new mtr.

If U have the work done then they'll change the cap out with the mtr. They may have to. Different mtrs use diff caps. If U want to save money then don't go with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) motor from UR units maker (unless U have some weird brand). Go with an after market motor.


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