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Guest Ilya D.

GE Profile Arctica Refrigerator

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I have a GE Profile Arctica refrigerator, model # PSS29NGNAWW.  A few days ago the evaporator coil and the evaporator cover started getting covered with frost and then it can not keep the temperature in the freezer side.

I took out the defrost heater and plugged it in - it woks.  I think that I have to check all the termistors.  I also know that these PSS refrigerators have a self-diagnostic mode, but I do not know how to enter it.  Could someone help, Please?  I have a large family (7 children) and I need this refrigerator working ASAP.


Thanks very much

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Hello, all!

My GE Profile Arctica PSS29NGNAWW has a problem with defrosting.

The evaporator coils get covered with frost and the heater apparently does not turn on.

I took the heater out and plugged it in directly - it worked.

Tonight I was able to run the self-diagnostic tests. All the termistors passed the test. Damper opens. Fans work.

The only test that did not pass is 0-3 diagnostic test - TEMPERATURE CONTROL PANEL TO DISPENSER BOARD COMMUNICATION - this one FAILED.

Does anybody have any idea what the problem is with this refrigerator?

Please, help. I have a family with 7 kids - need it working ASAP.

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

God bless!

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This is a very complicated unit, so I would advise you to call in a service tech on this one, as this is not your normal ref, and you could be spending a lot of time and money on parts you may not need. 

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     If you had it in diagnostic mode, were you able to initiate a defrost cycle?   What happened? Do you have a sheet with 8 or 10 commands you can send to the motherboard?  I hope you took a hair dryer and removed all the frost on your evaporator coil. 

     Next time you have the evaporator cover off look at the evaporator thermistor.  Make it so the wire side of it is pointed downward and not upward.  Put a little loop in the wire for water to drip off of below the thermistor.  You don't want water to run down the wire into the thermistor.  You may have to pull it out of the little clip and turn it around. 

     Believe it or not what I described above is all it takes to fix one of these sometimes.   Write back with answers to my questions and your new questions and I'll try to help you.  

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