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Rennei Tankless Waterheater

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Hey, I am just your average, well trained, highly capable United States Air Force aircraft mechanic.  Recently I bought and installed a Rannei Tankless waterheater, save money, save garage space, etc.....  When I went to register the warrenty online it said it had to be installed by a professional or they would void the warrenty.  What gives?  It was an easy installation and it works like a charm.  Is there something I missed?  Is there more then roughing in the gas and plumbing and hooking everything up?  It there are any pros out there that have an answer please let me know.


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Guest ahammer48

They may have a case in a liability issue ( did U follow all building codes involved with the installation), so there just trying to cover their ass. But this maybe of some use 2 U.

Where did U buy it?  If it was like Wal M, Home D, Lowes, etc, I don't think they can take that stance. Those are general public stores. Does the box state on it plainly that it must be installed by a contractor or warranty is void?

If it was from a wholsaler(supply house) who shouldn't have sold it to U in the 1st place, then they may have a leg to stand on.

U can (if U want to):yikes: :poison: :shock:, call in your local building inspectors to verify the installation for code acceptence. The problem is that opens the entire house up for inspection if they so choose( I believe). 

Some states may let U call in a licensed contractor for the inspection. Check it out.

That may satisfy the heater maker.

Hope this helps;)

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