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GE JKP15BABB Wall Oven Temp Sensor

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I am tying to find a replacement temperature sensor for my GE JKP15BABB double wall oven. I believe it is a thermistor and lives in the upper oven.The sensor is stamped with the following part number WB21X5340. When I look this part up I can't find anything that explicitly states it is a suitable replacement part. Any ideas? Is there a resistance vs temp table for this part that I can use to check against other parts for matching characteristics?





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Well Mike, If your posative through diagnostic procedures that the sensor is the problem and it corelates to you issue, which i'm assuming you do.  Temp sensors and the wiring harness wires that go from the sensor to the oven control board dont really fail very often but they can fail.  I have found that the oven control board fails " much " more often than the sensor and its perspective wiring.  If your around 1080 ohms at room temperature from  the sensor , then chances are the sensor is fine.  take the ohms reading at the oven control board end of the sensor wiring. disconnect the sensor wiring connection from the oven control board and start your testing there.  If the reading is way out of specs then you have a bad sensor or a bad sensor wiring issue.  If the specs are within the margin of 1080 ohms at room temperature, then the sensor and wiring are fine and the problem is most likely the oven control board.    If all you really need is the sensor probe , It will most likely be either one of theses two part numbers. If it's the longer temp probe that is about 7" it is part #WB21X5301.    If it's the shorter 3" temp probe, thenthat part # is WB21X22134.   This is all going by the model # you have given which is actually missing one or two numbers and letters before the 2 B's on the end of the Model # you have given ???  Given what information I have from your post.  The temp probe your looking for , if it is actually your problem, will be one of the two part #'s  I gave you.  I hope this helps

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