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transporting a washer - anything special i should know?

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i scored a dayyam-near-new whirlpool washer for an excellent price on ebay (item# 7518161548)& gotta go pick it up myself in my '92 S-10 blazer.

i know itll fit (layin face/front down) 'cause its smaller than the stove & fridge i already hauled.

im just checking to see if there are any cautions i should be aware of...

water is obvious but what about a shpg strap? (i dont know what they do so i wouldnt know the circumstances under which theyre use is a good idea)

is the play around the drum any cause for concern? should it be packed somehow to keep it from bumpin around too much? will traveling with it laying face down likely make anything slip out of alignment, jump track, etc?

thanks for the help & being patient with the newbie!


ps: already dl'd & read all the docs (use/install instructions, etc)

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Why do you have to lay it down?  This washer will fit in that bed upright.  If you must lay it down, pack rolled up, corrugated cardboard around the tub to keep it from hyperextending the suspension springs.

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S-10 Blazer 4 door, not p/u

& immobilize the tub with cardboard - gotcha

and thanks!

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