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Kenmore Washing Machine VMW Model 2130 (P/N W10420384A) not spinning and draining every time

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Error Codes after using Diagnostic Setting:

F9E1 - drain pump system problem - long drain

F0E2 - Over Suds Detected


This issue has been on/off over the last few weeks – and we were able to deal with it until now. Basically what happens, is the load starts washing and then it just stops when it gets to “spin”. Sometimes it just shows the red “lid lock” light only. When I cancel it and look inside, either the clothes are pretty wet but no sitting water (i.e. it drained but didn’t spin) or there’s a ton of water still there (didn’t drain or spin). We’ve been able to cancel the cycle – manually move it to the “drain and spin” setting and it would normally work at that point to finish off the load. We use high efficiency detergent and I took the drain apart and looked for anything blocking it – found nothing. The drum does freely turn so it can spin as it does occasionally work as well.

All that said, now it makes a weird buzzing sound when you try to choose anything with the dial (attached recording). Please help!

TL;DR – Washer begins the wash – then doesn’t spin or drain. Error codes F9E1 and F0E2


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F9E1 is a long drain code. But you're saying there is no standing water. If you know what the codes are I bet you can put it into manual diagnostic mode and operate the pump. Does it run? Is it smooth or is it rattle-y and noisy? You mentioned taking the drain apart. Did you remove the three bolts and pull the hose off then remove the Philips head screws to separate the motor from the housing? Turn the impeller. Does it spin freely? You should turn it about 1/3 of the way and feel some push back. It shouldn't wiggle side to side.

F0E2 is a stuck key. Not a big deal usually. 

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