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ISO Main Board Replacement Programming Literature

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Manufacturer: GE
Type of Appliance: Front Load Washer
Model Number: GFW650SPN
Have you validated the model number at an online parts site like Repair Clinic? (yes or no): Yes
Have you watched the video on how to search for manuals and have you searched the Downloads section prior to posting this request? (yes or no): Yes

I have replaced the main board in a GE Front Load Washer. Full model number is GFW650SPN0SN, last bit is just color but felt like it should be represented as it is on the appliance. Anyway, plugged it in and need to program the bugger. I have downloaded and searched through a couple service manuals for proper method as what to do after replacing the board but have come up short. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

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