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Whirlpool Dryer

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I have a Whirlpool dryer( Model # LER7646EQ1)  that does not want to dry completely  on the high setting.  Normally I could dry a load of towels on high in about 50 minutes.  Now they are still damp if dryed on the same setting and amount of time.   The dryer works fine on the medium and low settings.  I have checked the vent, it is clean and is not clogged.  I have also checked the temp limit switches which checked out okay ( they also look normal in appearance - no burned connections) .  They both have zero resistance at room tempature and I heated them up and the switch opens.  Not sure at what temp it opened but it did open.      I also checked the resistance of the tempature selector on high and low settings.  On the low setting it was only 1 ohm and on high it was almost 10K.    I have also tried opening the door and hold the switch in to run the dryer in the different temp settings.  It seems to run thru the cycles fine on low and medium, but the heating coils heat up and then don't come back on for a long period on time when set on high.  Since I can't really pin point a specific component problem do you have any  suggestion on how to test it to see why it is not heating back up.  I have thought about trying to replace the low temp thermostat even though it checked out okay.   

   Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated


Should the resistance of the tempature selector be checked with the wire connector attached or not?  The wiring diagram shows the low setting should read 10 ohm max , and I'm getting .4 ohms if it is connected or not.  The high setting should be 10K min.  I get 9.38K with wire attached and infinite unattached.  It does have a resistor attached  to the wiring connetor.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Sounds like you might have a defective temperature selector switch.

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