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Bosch B36CT80SNS/04 Ice Maker Tray Stuck Upside Down


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My Bosch fridge stopped making ice several days ago. Went through the typical steps, changed the water filter, made sure unit is powered on, temp for freezer is correct. Upon closer inspection the tray is stuck in the upside down and slightly twisted position. Does this represent a motor failure and mean unit replacement, or is there possibly another cause that's an easier/cheaper fix? Pic shown is taken from underneath the unit, showing the tray in the upside down orientation. 


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  • 10 months later...

We're observing the same issue.

The tray appears stuck facing down, and slightly twisted.

It attempts maybe twice every minute to further twist the tray. We can hear the motor and gears trying to force the twisting, and see the tray deforming slightly, without breaking, for 5 seconds and then stop. The deforming makes it feel this isn't the intended behavior and something is wrong. See video below, from under looking up.

We've been using this fridge for only 8 weeks. Do we really need to replace the ice maker unit already?

Thanks for the help !

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If it's only eight weeks old, call for warranty service - there is something wrong with the ice maker.

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