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[Free] Understanding 120/240 VAC Split-phase Household Power Supplies

Son of Samurai

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We hope you enjoy this free webinar recording and that it helps make you a better appliance tech. This webinar will be available to the public for free through August 2022. After that, in September, we'll remove this one and post a new free featured webinar recording selected from our vast repository of appliance repair training webinar recordings

If you're currently a professional appliance repair tech, these webinar recordings will improve your understanding of electric circuits and appliance technology and up your troubleshooting game. If you're a DIYer or considering getting into the appliance repair trade (great choice!), these webinar recordings will kick your training into high gear.

If you would like a more structured, step-by-step, training experience, enroll today at the Master Samurai Tech Appliance Repair School. One of the benefits of enrolling at Master Samurai Tech is that you get a free 6-month professional membership here at Appliantology which gives you access to all the webinar recordings, the tech forums, and the service manual downloads. If you get certified in our Core Appliance Repair Training Course, you get a free annual professional membership at Appliantology. See details on this page

Now, on to the webinar! 


All appliance repair techs should understand the split-phase household electrical power supply that they deal with on a daily basis. But the fact is that most do not, and there's a lot of disinformation and "tech myths" out there about these power supplies. But they are easy to understand once you grasp a few fundamental concepts about electricity and split-phase voltage.

And that's exactly what we cover in this webinar recording!


Topics covered include:

  • How sine waves are used to model things in the real world, including AC voltages
  • Properties of sine waves such as amplitude and frequency
  • Center-tapped transformers used to supply power to homes
  • How that transformer takes a single phase of AC voltage and splits it into two phases: L1 and L2
  • How L1 and L2 are each 120 VAC, but 180 degrees out of phase with each other
  • How this is antiphase relationship is what creates the voltage difference between L1 and L2 to provide the 240 VAC
  • ...and more!

Your webinar presenter is Scott M. Brown, PE. Scott earned two engineering degrees, a Bachelors from University of Georgia and a Masters from Clemson University, and has over ten years experience working as an engineer designing manufacturing processes, hazardous waste remediation systems, and industrial ammonia refrigeration systems. Additionally, he is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of New Hampshire. Prior to beginning his university engineering studies, he was an avionics technician in the US Navy troubleshooting and repairing computer-controlled radar systems to the component level on control boards. He started doing appliance repair over 20 years ago for the fun of it and as a way to be self-employed.

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