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Kenmore 80 Series Washer (110.26842694) Clicking/Agitating During Spin Cycle


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Hello all!

I really need to get my Kenmore 80 Series washing machine going again!

A few weeks ago, it started making noise during the drain and spin cycles.  I was advised to replace the basket drive and clutch assemblies.  So, I ordered those parts. 

In the meantime, the symptoms changed:

  1. The noise turned into a grinding banging sound during the spin cycle
  2. The washer skipped the neutral drain step and instead did a drain/spin at the same time
    (there were no problems during agitation)

The new grinding and banging was so bad, I stopped the cycle before it completed.

When they arrived, I installed the basket drive and clutch assembly.  However, the behavior was the same -- grinding and banging when the drain/spin cycle started.  Research pointed to the transmission and the need for a neutral drain kit which I purchased and installed.  I was super-disappointed to find the behavior is exactly the same!  It's acting like it wants to spin, but also agitate at the same time (see attached video).

So, my question is:  Where do I go from here? Is it possible to identify the parts inside the transmission that need to be replaced?  Or, is a new one the only way to go?

I like the machine and would rather use it than a new (HE) machine.  So far, I've spent around $275 in parts (along with many hours in research and labor).  So, I don't want that to go to waste.  But, my confidence is shot at this point and I don't want to just keep throwing money at this thing either.

I'd really appreciate any guidance I can get.  I'm happy to provide any information that could help you point me in the right direction.



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I don't have sound on my computer to listen - but from the description of the noise and what is happening, I suspect you need to replace the agitate shift cam, (the cam ramps that raise the agitate gear off the inner splines during spin wear down not allowing the agitate gear to raise high enough to clear the inner splines and the agitate is trying to agitate during the spin but slips).

Part# 62581 & 62580 Used to sub to a kit with just the agitate shift cam, now it subs to the complete agitator shaft and shift cam part# WP389387 (EDITED to add: looks like all individual parts of the agitator shaft sub to the complete shaft assembly now).

Part number: WP389387



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I appreciate the feedback, Willie!

Your assessment gives me peace of mind about the source of the issue.  It really does logically go along with what I'm seeing.

Given the price of the shaft assembly (and the amount I've already invested), I'm going to pay a little extra and just get a new transmission.  Doing so will rule out potential issues with other parts in the original transmission.

Thanks for your feedback!

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L. Ron Hoover

Have you tried to identify the location of the noise?  Any chance its from up high?  I sometimes use an old large diameter drain hose like a stethoscope around moving parts for safety reasons.  Or just take the tub ring off and inspect the balance ring and between the tub and gasket?  On my computer it sounds more like plastic, possibly a foreign object.  The black marks on the edge of the tub ring and basket make me curious.

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Thanks for the response, L!  Sorry for the slow reply. . . 

I ended up just biting the bullet and getting a transmission.  Shortly afterward, I noticed a slight leak dripping from the bottom of the tub.  There was previously a leak from a small crack in the bottom of the tub I'd repaired with epoxy, so I was surprised to see water leaking.  Long story short - the source of the leak ended up being a very rusty shaft on the tub support.  The water was slowly leaking around the shaft seal -- right onto the brand new transmission!

That was the last straw. At that point I was already about $475 into fixing the machine and not about to spend gamble any more money on it.  So, now I'm stuck with the brand new OEM parts and need to figure out the best way to get back as much of what I spent as possible (eBay is probably the way to cast the biggest net).

When hitting each roadblock I kept telling myself, "nothing ventured - nothing gained" and I did learn a lot.  But, it was an expensive lesson and, unfortunately, I'm not likely to use the knowledge again.

Oh, well.  Movin' on!

I appreciate the comments and willingness to help!


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