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If you just want to dip your toes into the resources at Appliantology, register as a Grasshopper (it's free!) and hop around the site, searching and reading, all you want. You will only have access to the Kitchen and Laundry Forums, but if you are a DIYer, that may be all you need. 

If you're professional appliance technician, you'll want the Professional Appliantologist package:

Professional Appliantologist

This is the ultimate package for professional appliance repair technicians. No self-respecting Appliantologist should be without the arsenal of information tools available through this program. How else will you be able to prepare for your jobs like a Samurai or tackle those tricky modern excessively-electronified appliances?

This annual membership unlocks the total and awesome power of Appliantology, turning it into a fearsome weapon of mass instruction and appliance information tool for the professional appliance tech who needs bleeding edge technical info. You get all of the perks and privileges:

  • All-star access to the Techs-only forums
  • Start new topics
  • Reply to other people's topics
  • Use of the Private Message system so you can message other members privately
  • Edit your own posts
  • Attach photos and files to your posts
  • Download attachments in other posts
  • Access to the Appliantology chat room
  • Free admission to the Samurai's live training webinars
  • Free access to Samurai's recorded webinars
  • Free access to Samurai's Video Classroom
  • UNLIMITED service manual downloads!

The whole world and awesome power of Appliantology will be at your fingertips for just $109 per year-- that's less than $10/month!

Samurai Tech Academy students only pay $75 per year! Interested? Check it out!   

(Help registering is available here.  If you've already registered, make sure you're logged in-- look for your username in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.)

STEP 2: SELECT THE PROFESSIONAL APPLIANTOLOGIST MEMBERSHIP PACKAGE ==> CLICK HERE.  The upgrade is instant and automatic.  (NOTE: If you're not seeing the membership packages on the Subscriptions page after you've logged in, use this page instead.)


If you are an experienced and knowledgable professional appliance repair technician, you could be eligible for a complimentary upgrade!

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