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  2. at this point that would be the thing to do
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  4. Captain Dunsel

    Need schematic for Frigidaire Freezer

    Thats all I can find. I even went as far as to create another 14 days free trial on there site using a different e- mail address to can up with the same crap on the b2b site. They put out very poor information and no service manuals for there products or very little.
  5. Yes - they both had good pressure coming out. Any recommendation on how to clean the screens? I jammed some steel wool into the outlets and turned many times back and forth and I think it helped some but not enough. Maybe I'll just replace the valve. Not very expensive. Thanks
  6. motor pulley can be bad if the rollers and front glides check out
  7. Whirlpool WSZ57L18DM04 Freezer Tech Sheet View File Pub Tech Sheet - W11408463 - Rev A Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 08/02/2021 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  8. did the hot and cold have equal pressure when you ran the the water from the hoses to the tub ?
  9. after doing what you have done , clean the screens on the valve going into the washer , if the pressure was very strong and cleaning all the screens doesn't help you will need a valve.
  10. Check the belt, smooth side should be out, ribbed side against the drum.
  11. FLAppliances

    Miele washer W19xx wire diagrams

    Anyone know where I can find a parts diagram for this unit (W1986)? Thanks in advance.
  12. B2B only has wire diagram that’s of little help, looking for schematic. Thanks
  13. Title pretty well describes issue; dryer drum won't turn under heavy load but turns under light loads 100% of the time. You can hear motor energize with all loads. New OEM rollers installed couple years ago along with new belt. Drum will turn by hand when empty but the effort to turn it by hand seems high. Advice or suggestions, please. Thanks
  14. Hi Willie, There are screens at the faucet end of the hoses. They weren't clogged but I cleaned them up anyway. I then disconnected the hoses from the washer and put them in the tub and turned the water on at the faucets. The water came out of the hoses very strong. I created a video to upload but it's too large. I uploaded a pic to show what the hot water looks like coming out. Steve
  15. Dan the Appliance Man


    Thanks Captain!!!
  16. Uses this service manual: You should be able to use this tech sheet:
  17. I can’t even find the tech sheet for this one on servicematters,but in the user care manual I come up with this in a screen shot:
  18. Quick

    GE drye no heat

    @Terrence Have you located and looked over the technical lititure? There's a good training manual here. I've got to get moving this morning but I looked at the schmatic real quick and I see a easy half split (ruling out the motor) at connector J8 and J3 . You can look and see if the heating element is open from J8 to J3 as well. From connector J1 to J2 to can olm the thermostats for any that might be open. You can read the thermistors as well from the J4 connection. All these things can be checked right from the board you replaced. Look at the schmatic. Can you see it?
  19. Thank you. Michael
  20. Terrence

    GE drye no heat

    👌 now what's a Haikus
  21. Terrence

    GE drye no heat

    My bad module number is GFDS250ED..
  22. Did you check the hose at the faucet end to make sure they don't have screen washers that maybe plugged up, (You either have just a standard hose washer like at the valve end or you may have hose washers with a screen at the faucet end).
  23. Budget Appliance Repair

    GE drye no heat

    @Terrence You need to also make sure of the section you are in - this is for Haikus only, (NOT the place to ask for help)
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