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  3. 16345Ed

    Samsung Range/Oven FTQ386LWUX

    That’s tough. You could try a repair shop like corecentric.com.
  4. Hello there, I just bought (second hand, unit is from 2009) a WM3431HW 01 washer dryer combo machine last week and I am having trouble running the drying cycle. It starts up, does the load sensing and once it completes this it runs for a short time then everything blacks out and the screen comes back with a PF error code, which I've gathered means a power failure. - Lint is not the problem! I've checked throughout the machine; i even went as far as removing the lower heating element to see between the drum and the tub. I believe lint can be ruled out. - I visually inspecte
  5. Uploaded fast track and service flashe for DVE52M8650V/A3 pending approval:
  6. isaac

    Meile Dishwasher G2142 SCU

    Well. You will need to find the leak, unit will need to be put on its back/side and open bottom, look for any signs of leak hard water/soap anything that would indicate the problem, check under motor seen some leak drom there but usually an the older models, good luck,
  7. evaappliance

    GE JBC16G*R1 infinite heat switch, switched

    The new universal switches are garbage anyways, hate that Good replacement parts can’t be bought for your stove, it is so much better than anything you will buy. The bad thing is that when you miswire L1 and L2 on one switch it will blow every other switch you turn on
  8. Need Service Manual / fast track for Samsung Dryer DVE52M8650V/A3. Thanks.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Thanks Guys much appreciated. Now if someone can help me out on Hisense bottom mount I will be good to go.
  12. Private Party Homeowner (Viet Nam Vet) begging for help............. I purchased a Samsung Range Oven FTQ386LWUX in 2008 from Lowe's for a Kitchen remodel that never took place. Range was NEW stored inside house.\ Range was NEVER Connected to Electricity until 2020 In November of 2020 I sold the (unused/as new) Range. New owner installs Range and says " Last I checked 123 and 0 were not consistent. Warm didn’t ever respond at all and convection broil didn’t ever respond at all. On/off sometimes cheeky" New owner unplugs from power in attempt to rese
  13. Same here Hopefully someone can come up with something. Lowe's is selling ton of these refrigerators.
  14. Son of Samurai

    Whirlpool Refrigerator Tech. Sheet

    Thanks, Captain!
  15. Whirlpool WRB533CZJZ00 Refrigerator Tech Sheet and Service Manual View File Tech sheet Pub W11407697 Service manual Pub W11456401 Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 11/23/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Tech sheet Pub W11407697 Service manual Pub W11456401
  17. Son of Samurai

    Amana gas range tech sheet please

    Uses this schematic:
  18. Captain Dunsel

    Whirlpool Refrigerator Tech. Sheet

    Uploading tech sheet and service manual.Waiting on approval.
  19. I've never been able to find anything for Hisense, unfortunately. Any of the other Brethren have better luck?
  20. Not cooling in Fresh Food, operating correctly in freezer.
  21. I’m looking for the service manual for Samsung RF263BEAESR.. Thank You
  22. Fresh food is not cooling, freezer is operating correctly. Need Tech. Sheet before running this call. Thanks
  23. PPuusa

    Meile Dishwasher G2142 SCU

    What would I be looking for RE: how to fix?
  24. jerome.brian1

    Bosch B22CS30SNS/01 Temperature Alarm

    Found this thread while researching what might be wrong with my Bosch. I had the same symptoms of the freezer alarm going off and the unit losing it's cool. Fan will still operational. This fix worked great! As mentioned, I had to change the connectors on the inverter board but only took a few minutes.
  25. Thanks, Vance! Approved.
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