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  2. Looking for Service manual & Fast Track for Samsung Big Bang washer B1113J. Thanks!
  3. Makes sense to me. Since my model is on the bulletin, it seems it almost has to be affected, unless, like you said, it was built during the timeframe where the improved part(s) were being installed. Do you agree with this guy that I'd have moisture near the top vent, if it had this issue, and that it couldn't only be on the fan itself? Seems like the bulletin would say to check for moisture where he's talking about.
  4. Tell the servicer that...you'd feel a lot better having any and all updates performed. Its an improvement/modification. It would be a waste of everyone's time...to disassemble components for visual inspections. Service Bulletins are published to help address problems that are a known quantity in specific model appliances...built during a specific timeframe. Typically...models built *after* the affected build dates...will have the updates/improvements/corrections.
  5. In July, 2015 I bought a Kitchenaid dishwasher (KDFE304DSS0). It has started leaking at the diverter valve/motor. I took the diverter motor off and it appears to be in good condition but I can't seem to get the sump grommet that goes around the valve stem at the top to come off or find it as a replacement part. Does Whirlpool really not offer that seal as a replacement part separate from the entire sump assembly? What are my options here? Thanks! frjohn
  6. Thanks, R&D, good to know!
  7. Keep up the pod cast. I watch them at nigh or listen to them driving between calls. Thank you both
  8. Just to add......without being a tech, looking at the bulletin, it seems you have to visually inspect the fan, and not gauge it by whether or not there is moisture near that vent, wouldn't you agree?
  9. It seems to me that's how it should be, just like you said.....if it's got a bulletin, fix it. This guy didn't even know about the bulletin, and I don't think GE told him there was one, so I don't know who is more to blame. I didn't like how the guy was sort of leaving it up to me. I'm not a refrigeration person. I'm the customer, looking at a bulletin that includes my model, end of story. It seems he should look at it the same way you do.....there's a bulletin, it's under warranty, it's getting dealt with, period. He's coming in the morning, but he sure seemed to make deal of me deciding if I wanted it or not.
  10. Welcome to Appliantology, Jason! I see you're just getting started here so let me give you some resources to help you get the most out of your membership. Start by watching the "How to Search for Service Manuals" video and the longer video on using Appliantology, both found on this page: http://appliantology.org/topic/51337-getting-started-at-appliantology/ In a nutshell, you can search for manuals in the Downloads section using a truncated model number and the wild card character. For example, in your case, you'd search the Downloads section using this search term: DD24* (note the * at the end). But watch the video for more. In the future, when you need a manual, please start a new topic in the Appliance Service Manual Requests instead of posting a reply to an existing topic,
  11. I don't know how GE or the authorized servicer do things but... I always pre-screen calls before arriving at a customer's home. If a bulletin exists for their specific model...we always perform the update(s) if the appliance is in warranty. Any LG appliance that is out-of-warranty...full disclosure. The customer will get an estimate to have the appliance repaired...and a sheet with the LG customer service phone number...model and serial numbers...purchase date...service bulletin number and date...a brief description of the symptom(s) and the actual repair solution. I instruct the customer to inform LG customer service that they are having the same problem(s) listed in the bulletin (even if this is a total fib). LG may make a concession and cover the cost of the repair. Sounds like a great strategy...and I wish that I could take full credit for this idea...but it's not mine at all. This comes straight from LG warranty training instructors. These guys are more oriented/concerned about customer service than a minimum wage call taker at "Customer Service". Bottom line...if there's a bulletin...it ought to be followed.
  12. Dear Sir,. I ran a call for f&p m# DD24DCTX6V2.NO error code. but water not draining properly. I replaced a new motor rotor located at center of top drawer. customer call bk after completed one cycle. water still not draining properly please share wtih me. Jason Jand GJR,LLC
  13. So the tech called today, and said that he talked to GE, and the engineers felt the frost/issue I'm having, is "normal", if it's clearing up every day. That seems to be the consensus, so that's that. I told him about the bulletin, and he said it's only if you have moisture in the fresh food compartment, and he said there would be moisture at the top, where the air comes out of the vent, into the fresh food section, and he checked when he was here, and there wasn't any. It seems odd that he was suggesting putting the moisture kit in, if he didn't see any moisture, but now he's saying he doesn't have a moisture issue, as there wasn't any?? Do you agree that there would be moisture up near the vent at the top, or do you think is something that has to be visually inspected? Seems to me it is, as the bulletin doesn't mention anything about looking for moisture near the vent, just on the fan. He originally suggested swapping it out, and today, he got a bit of an attitude, and repeated a couple times "do you want me to replace it or not?" I asked him what his professional opinion was. He said that maybe there is some moisture on the fan, and it's an easy swap, so we should do it. Do you agree that a person could tell without look at the fan? And it seems to me that if it's got enough of an issue to have a bulletin, that it should definitely be swapped out, yes? He's coming tomorrow, but curious what your opinion is.
  14. Here's the latest MST Radio Podcast video where Mrs. Samurai and I recap the highlights from the ASTI:
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  16. Do you have a meter? There are three black wires on the URCO. One has a compressor pin terminal, the other two are just stripped ends. Using the continuity setting on your meter, identify which stripped wire is continuous with the black wire with the terminal on it... I cut those two off, but you could easily just tape them out of the way as well. Press the factory thermal overload onto the compressor pin that is the "common" (use the directions on the URCO to identify the "start" "run" and "common" pins) The overload will fit tightly on the pin and shouldn't need more securing, but plastic zip-ties work well Leave the connector/terminal on the colored wire of the two that were attached to the original overload and start device Use one of the wire-nuts included in the URCO to attach the remaining Black stripped-end wire of the URCO left after STEP 3 to the white wire that was attached to the original start device (after stripping it) Use the directions on the URCO to attach the RED (run) and WHITE (start) wires of the URCO to their corresponding compressor pins. Turn the Fridge controls to "off," then plug in the machine. Turn the controls back to "on," and the Fridge should fire-up.
  17. The first time, the other gfi outlet, the next two times the breaker
  18. Breaker or GFI outlet?
  19. but this would require some guidance from you on suggestions after 150 bazillion installs.
  20. Gotcha. I've read all the horror stories about the overload in the Supco unit not protecting the compressor in hard starts. I'm happy to take the plunge at keeping it in place. Seems straightforward to clip in the overload using the old device cover but remove the old relay and then connect the wire from the 3 n 1. I've only got a two wire connection (no capacitor on my unit (Whirlpool ED25QFXHw01) which btw is 16 yrs old. I'd hate to come home to defrosted steaks and warm beer in the garage.
  21. Tech sheet
  22. Maytag MGD3000BW1 Dryer Wiring Sheet View File PUB W10504444 - Rev D Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 02/21/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  23. Version 1.0.0


    PUB W10504444 - Rev D


  24. Search the Downloads for "MAH5500*" and you'll find scads of goodies, including the service manual.
  25. There are two ways to install a URCO, but I would just stick with the instructions to avoid the confusion... When installing them for customers I would leave the overload part of the original relay in place, this requires altering the URCO wiring scheme and ups the difficulty level of installation for someone that hasn't done 150 of them already!
  26. NEED service manual for MAH5500 LED console (not the LCD type) washer. Motor unresponsive. No action in motor test with J4 unplugged. Did respond to 120 from my test box.
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