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      On-demand appliance repair training videos for Professional Appliantologist members Over 30 hours (and growing!) of original, high quality appliance training webinars developed and given by yours truly are at your fingertips, on topics you won't find anywhere else. Fill in those knowledge gaps, strengthen those areas of uncertainty, and boost your skills. Watch on mobile or desktop at your convenience whenever, wherever.  Ultra Short Primer on Basic Electricity, Circuits, Ohm's Law, and Schematic Reading (Length: 1:04:48) Basic Refrigerator Troubleshooting (Length: 1:10:45) Schematic Reading Workshop, 10/2015 (Length 1:19:08) Troubleshooting Strategies for Computer-Controlled Appliances (Length: 48:34) Semiconductors and PN Junctions (Length: 1:04:37) Appliance Temperature Sensing Devices & Technology (Length: 1:27:33) Voltage Measurements, Meters, Ghost Voltages, and Triac-controlled Neutrals (Length: 1:29:32) Troubleshooting with Tech Sheets, Part 1, 4/2016 (Length: 1:09:26) Troubleshooting with Tech Sheets, Part 2, 4/2016 (Length: 1:21:11) Tech Sheet Review, 4/9/2016: Bosch Speed Cooker, Amana Refrigerator, GE Glass Cooktop Range (Length: 1:22:58) Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Switches used in Samsung Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) (Length: 27:07) PWM Computer Cooling Fan in a Whirlpool Refrigerator (Length: 14:53) Understanding AC Split-phase Household Power Supplies (Length: 52:41) Troubleshooting a Samsung Electric Dryer without Disassembly using Live Tests and the Schematic (Length: 22:47) Troubleshooting a Bosch Dishwasher No-Heat Problem using the Schematic and Live Tests (Length: 15:38) Linear Motors and Linear Compressors (Length: 55:54) Bi-directional PSC Drive Motor Systems in Whirlpool VM Washers (Length: 56:52) Appliance Service Call Structure and Troubleshooting Strategies (Length: 1:00:16) The Ten Step Troubleshooting Tango and Workshop Exercises (Length: 1:35:39) Troubleshooting Ten-Step Tango Advanced Workshop (Length: 1:32:06) Ten-Step Tango Troubleshooting Workshop: Refrigerators (Length: 1:35:57) Whirlpool Duet Washer Schematic Analysis & Whirlpool Dryer Moisture Sensor System (Length: 1:03:04) Neutral Vs. Ground, Inverter Microwave, Digital Communications, Loading Down in DC loads, and more! (Length: 1:14:45) Gas Oven Service Call After a Parts Changing Monkey (Length: 36:04) AFCI and GFCI Circuit Protection Technology (Length: 41:26) Troubleshooting Samsung Refrigerators and more (Length: 1:29:58) 3-way Valves and Dual Evaporator Refrigerators (Length: 1:15:45) Split-Phase Compressors and PTC Start Devices (Length: 1:11:57) Gas Dryer Ignition Systems (Length: 53:50) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 1 (Length: 43:07) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 2 (Length: 1:09:09) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 3 (Length: 1:11:56) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 4 (Length: 37:45) Refrigerator Sealed System Thermodynamics, Part 5 (Length: 16:35) To access these webinars and all the other info-goodies here at Appliantology, become a Professional Appliantologist today. If you need cost-effective, time-flexible, state-of-the-art appliance technical training, check out the Master Samurai Tech Academy.

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  2. mde308dayw wire diagram

    Submitted it for you
  3. Hi: Whirlpool Refrigerator Dual Evaporator WRF989SDAM00 I have been trying to get this working properly for a while now. Initially I determined a leak, found the leak on the RC evaporator and repaired it. Held 100 PSI nitrogen for a couple days, vacuum, and recharged with R134a 5.5 oz. Now it does this: On warm startup the refrigerator section cools down as it is supposed to as I understand. This unit cools one evaporator at a time. So the RC goes down to around 36.3F or so on my K-type thermometer at the RC fan output. That seems normal enough because the front panel setting is 37F. So then it goes to cool the freezer section. I see the freezer temp coming down on my second Ktype thermometer lead at the FC evaporator outlet, but does not ever get the freezer section cold enough. Front panel setting is 0F for the freezer. It goes down alright into the 40F and under area. But not lower. My suction pressure was a little too high seems to me. Would not go below 18 to 20 PSIG. I removed some refrigerant gas so it is drawing down to 6 to 10 PSIG now. But that is not the solution. It seems to me the compressor is just not drawing down enough to reduce the suction pressure to near 0 PSIG where it needs to be. So here's my question for now. What is the DC voltage into the compressor start inverter supposed to be doing during all this? The 120VAC into the compressor start inverter is solid. The 3-6 VDC into the inverter just stays at 3.4xx all the time, no matter what. Shouldn't this be varying to increase the compressor speed and therefore draw the suction pressure lower? What am I thinking wrong or missing here? I got this for nothing and as a project but would really like to troubleshoot it correctly. Thanks for any ideas/experience.
  4. Reg, You still have this one??
  5. dishwasher run time

    the dishwasher was a more than 10 year old kenmoore but my question was more specifically about whether a dishwasher could get stuck running. I know dishwashers run for like 2-3 hours but somepeople insist that they run for much longer and I wasn't even sure if that was possible. How long is the longest a dishwasher could run, like if someone said their dishwasher was running for 6 hours before they shut it off is that even possible
  6. Ken more 110 washer noise during spin

    This mud stuff happens when you use nothing but cold water and no bleach and way too much liquid detergent and make it worse with liquid fabric softener. I use nothing but powdered detergent, my rags get bleached and use warm water and no liquid fabric softner and never had to service any of my washers or had this cruddy muddy build up in them.
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  8. Pfft. I didn’t even realize I posted this in the manual request. I meant for it to be in the repair form. Oops!
  9. Tech sheet For tech help, please start a new topic in the Appliance Tech Forum.
  10. Kitchenaid KGRS807SSS00 Range Tech Sheet View File Tech sheet W10112145 Rev A Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 12/10/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  11. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Tech sheet W10112145 Rev A
  12. Whirlpool Oven Manual Request WGG555S0BS01

    Tech sheet
  13. Whirlpool WGG555S0BS01 Oven Tech Sheet View File PUB W10575966 Rev A Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 12/10/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  14. Version 1.0.0


    PUB W10575966 Rev A
  15. There was a power outage, the display computer is not working. Theres limited access to control boards and transformer, and i didn't want to take the entire range apart to fully test it. There was no voltage coming out of the transformer, I had the tech sheet, but I didn't look at it fully and see that there are hi limit thermostats in line with the transformer. I am going back with the transformer and thermostats, but Im wondering if I should also have the display computer with me? The homeowner is aware that there could be additional issues, but they are willing to play ball. What would you guys do?
  16. Service Manual needed Whirlpool GLS3665RS01 Cooktop Gas

    Good to go. Domo, Brother @Lighthouse!
  17. Whirlpool GLS3665RS01Cooktop Job-Aid View File Job-Aid PUB 8178526 (KR-37) Models: GLS3064R S GLS3665R S Submitter Lighthouse Submitted 12/10/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  18. So, all tightened back up (dried off the threads, and I did put a dab of blue Loctite on). Next day - ANOTHER 'bad' noise! This washing machine is out to get me. End of spin cycle, squealing. I'm thinking, so now the brake?! Then I noticed the spin basket turning after the spin stopped. What th'... I know the drive block and spin tube are in good shape... Turns out the drive block nut was loose. Apparently I didn't beat on the spanner wrench hard enough last time. Hope I did this time.
  19. Also in dry cycle the heater is not on 100%, it cycles on /off thru the dry cycle. You could also have a hi-limit safety t-stat failing, it is in the left rear corner of the tub on the bottom of the tub, these Frigidaire units seem to burn this t-stat out quite often, (crappy manufacturing - they don't stake down the terminal rivet good enough so the terminal is loose from the rivet and contact inside the t-stat and it burns up the connector and t-stat). Before they completely burn the wiring up and stop working completely they can work at the first part of a cycle and then as the heater is cycled and the connection heats up it quits working.
  20. MTW5620TQ1

    Even though the part is high, it is a great machine that you want to keep forever !!!
  21. LG oven LRE3091ST won't heat

    Should be a tech sheet on back of range. Are broil & bake element good. Tech sheet will tell you to test the bake & broil elements as well as the sensor, which you say you changed. How is the wiring to these? May have to do a live voltage test to make sure you are getting proper voltage to the elements.
  22. Yep ! Back then , when someone called thinking it was a washer issue, it was usually a problem with their house 🏡
  23. There are no good dishwashers anymore ! If the water is hot, use rinse aid , and heat dry selected, they will clean almost as good a person could do in their yard with a waterhose !!!! Lol ! Seriously though, it is most likely doing all it is capable of per government regulations
  24. When the Maytag man was lonely & bored.
  25. Most of the maytags that old has the terminal number printed on the wire . This washer was built Back when maytag cared about keeping their machines serviceable !
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