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  2. Thank sir . The 1 labeled Kenmore lg bm refrigerator is the right 1. Appreciate it!@Captain Dunsel
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  4. Captain Dunsel

    David Hare Need tech sheet/manual

    Double check that model number!
  5. Inside your compressor, there is an working assembly suspended/dampened with springs. One of your springs broke. Your compressor likely starts and runs quietly. There is a great deal of torque twist when a fully pressurized compressor stops abruptly. With one of the springs broken, the inner assembly twists, bangs on the thick outer shell resulting is a loud metal CLUNK. You can leave it as-is. I wouldn't waste time replacing compressor.

    Kenmore 110.25132411 Control Board

    Your Kenmore was manufactured by Whirlpool for Sears. Should be a service/diagnostic tech document in a plastic pocket affixed to the inside of the machine front panel. Try reaching over the tub to get it. You'll have to raise the machine top for access if you can't reach it over the tub. Follow the procedure to access Fault Code Display Mode to check for any recorded errors. There is also an Automatic Test Mode which runs a programmed sequence to check the various component functions. Or Manual Test Mode to run individual components ... including the pump to check if it runs OK or is erratic. Note that the lid must be locked first to run agitation or spin tests.
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  8. Captain Dunsel

    Maytag Fridge Manual Tech Shhet

    Uses the same tech sheet as this model:
  9. Hello. I know this is similar to kitchen ais but does not come up under search. Thanks.
  10. Here are 3 service manuals that maybe different. Take a look: Here is this one: Here is the last one:
  11. Captain Dunsel

    Dryer WED9400SU0. Manual Please

    Here you go:
  12. Hello. Cant seem to have this manual come up. Tanks.
  13. Samsung gas range tech manual request
  14. Reef Appliance

    Whirlpool WTW5000DW1 Washer Tech Sheet

    Thanks alot! Exactly what I needed.
  15. 16345Ed

    Kenmore 110.25132411 Control Board

    Could be drain siphoning or pump going bad. Doubt this is control board issue.
  16. Your model number is missing the engineering digit. The mini manual is right here :
  17. Uses the same one as this model:
  18. Captain Dunsel

    David Hare Need tech sheet/manual

    If the model number is 110.64642400? This is your tech sheet:
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