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  2. would love to see that manual..
  3. Yes sir. From the manual: Electronic Control The Control is mounted on the left (as shown in Figure 4) and it controls the cycling of the compressor, condenser fan motor, damper motor, and evaporator fan motor, as well as the defrost cycle. The door alarms are also part of this control. (See figure 4.) The freezer and food compartment thermistor plug into the back of the control at the top, and the main electrical connector is plugged in at the bottom left corner of the control. To remove the control from the housing, disconnect the two thermistors from the top of the control and disconnect the lower wiring harness. Push the front of the control box forward to clear the display windows and slide the control straight up and out of the housing. Reinstall in reverse order.
  4. Complaint is wont run, clean light blinks. Other manuals indicate 7 flashes of clean light means heat circuit problem. It's probably the same with this model but I would like to get this models manual, if possible.
  5. Requesting manual for Jenn-Air Electric Double Wall Oven MOD:ww2780w I was able to locate manuals in the downloads very close to this model but none for this exact model. I need the exact manual for this model to decipher the specific F1 interpretation. Tankya
  6. Its nice this thread hasn't died yet.. Updates: I know Patrick and have done some bussiness with him in the past, he has a lot of appliances. I'm going to call Mark and see if we can do some deals, I remember I used to buy LG appliances from IL but it was through a Korean guy, and the company's name had 3 letters.. I really don't remember clearly, it was some 8-10 years ago..
  7. Thanks Samurai, that looks like it.
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  9. until

    Is there a code to enter inyo Join.me? It is asking me for one
  10. CAW8350EW WP Washer Tech Sheet Please Thanks!
  11. Thank you!!
  12. To whom it may concern: Please send the tech sheet for refrigerator 106.54782803 Thanks in advance, Red
  13. Aaaand by pulley, I mean "belt". Ooops!
  14. Thank you both so much! I googled this model so many times over the weekend and could find nothing to indicate if it had a neutral drain or not. I will certainly check the pump. Strange that this just started happening immediately after I changed the broken thrust bearing. I did check everything as the directions indicated and made sure the right spacer washer was installed. I'll take the pulley off and see how it feels when I rotate the pump and check back in here. Thanks again!
  15. The timer nor transmission have anything to do with the operation of the drain pump n this model, I would spin the pump pulley by hand and see if there is any binding, but this machine should begin draining right when the motor rotates in the spin direction...
  16. This washer does not have a neautral drain, it spins and drains at the same time
  17. I have a Maytag MAVT546EWW top loader washer that will not go into "Neutral Drain" mode. Everything works fine until it's time to spin. It just pauses for a couple minutes and will not pump the water out of the tub. After agitation, I can hear a constant faint ticking sound coming from the timer, but no water is being drained. After a couple minutes, it starts to spin up and will only drain via centrifugal force, but this has to be hard on the motor and components. Background: A few days ago the washer broke and would not spin or agitate. I replaced the thrust bearing with a kit and it worked fine, or so I thought. We washed a few loads, no problem. Then, my wife was washing a load of towels and a lot water came out onto the floor. We weren't watching it, so we don't know when, but I suspect it happened when it was in the spin cycle because the water wasn't drained beforehand. My suspicion is the original problem was a malfunctioning timer or board that causes the drain cycle to not work. This extra strain on the thrust bearing broke it and now that I replaced it it could happened again any time we wash a large load (we've been keeping them very small the last two days).Any ideas or opinions?Thanks!
  18. LG LFXS30766S Refrigerator Service Bulletin- Frost build up on the fresh food evaporator View File PUB CREF20151707 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 01/16/2017 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  19. No apology necessary-- just giving you tips to help you fish so you can find stuff faster.
  20. My apologizes Samurai, I did try earlier backing off a few characters and use the wild card but I didn't back off enough. Retry and successful in finding the tech sheet. Thanks.
  21. no..those are all old..I need something that covers newest genesis control..nothing in database is correct for this model..
  22. That tech sheet is already in the Downloads section. Back off a couple of characters on the model number and use the wild card (as shown in the video) to search the Downloads and you'll find it.
  23. Tech sheet
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