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  3. Son of Samurai


    Approved -- thanks @Rhubarb Tau!
  4. DCS WODU30 WOSU30 Wall Oven Service Manual View File PUB 590148 Submitter Rhubarb Tau Submitted 01/23/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  5. Budget Appliance Repair

    Kenmore topload washer 110.92060120 will not spin

    @rodney I really doubt you have a neutral drain problem but if the neutral drain kit comes with the nylon main spin gear the whole kit will most likely take care of your problem. The neutral drain kits didn't used to have the spin gear in the kit but I have seen it in the new kits. I suspect the nylon spin gear is stripped out - I've never seen a bad neutral drain pak cause a no spin condition - just won't do the neural drain, (drains as it spins like the first 1982 direct drive washers did). You won't hear that clunk noise that is talked about if the spin gear is stripped out. You need to take the cabinet off and bypass the lid switch, put it in the spin cycle and what the silver clutch bell just above the transmission - if it is spinning then you have a bad clutch or locked up brakes or possibly something keeping the basket from spinning. If the clutch bell isn't spinning then you have an internal transmission problem. If the nylon spin gear is stripped out you will need to empty all the oil out of the transmission and clean all the nylon gear parts out and replace the oil. This can be a very messy job but it's not really that difficult if you have decent mechanical abilities - the worst part is keeping the transmission upright and level when working on it. The oil full right up to the top of the lower case assembly. When you put the transmission cover back on you can use auto gasket RTV sealer instead of the crazy expensive Loc-Tite Red gasket eliminator stuff that Whirlpool sells for $30+ for a little tube.
  6. Ok just had the same issues. What we did to correct it was rewire the cond fan motor. While speaking to tech line they told us unit was unrepairable. Ref was only 2 years old. We ran wires from the board directly to the fan and customer now has a working ref
  7. Budget Appliance Repair

    Whirlpool Washer GSX9750PW1--Removing Agitator CAM

    @MarkH You should write the Kenmore model number with a Sharpie or other permanent inside the console area somewhere so that you will have it if you ever want to order parts for the Kenmore agitator.
  8. EthanRanft

    Service manual Electrolux dryer

    Unfortunately there’s nothing there for this model. Maybe because that model isn’t made for the US
  9. Hiroshi -- my washer is from 1993. How tedious is taking apart and reassembling the transmission to repair with the neutral pack? Is there a video? Thanks, Rodney
  10. The fridge is too cold. I warmed up the thermistor with my hand to 77F since that was one of the data points on the spec sheet.
  11. Rhubarb Tau


    Uploaded, pending approval:
  12. Son of Samurai

    Calibrate Hotpoint oven

    Here's the mini manual:
  13. Hotpoint RB757DP1WH Range Mini Manual View File PUB 31-21270 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 01/23/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  14. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    PUB 31-21270
  15. Son of Samurai

    Service manual Electrolux dryer

    @AdrianMutescu That link that vee8power posted for you will show you how to get to a site where you can get tech sheets for your model.
  16. GE WPDH8900J1MG Washer Mini Manual, Service Manual, and Training Manual View File GE WPDH8900J1MG Front Load Washer Mini Manual PUB 31-16567 GE WPDH8900J1MG Front Load Washer Service Manual PUB 31-9168 GE Profile Washer with Steam Cycle Options Training Manual Submitter Captain Dunsel Submitted 01/23/2020 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  17. Fixed, new splutch and belt.
  18. Thought the problem was refrigerator was too cold. 77f too warm for a refrigerator section, should around 38f. What the temps in the refrigerator and freezer?
  19. I have searched everywhere for a model/serial number and there isn't one inside or out, but I found a sticker on the bottom front filler panel that has 4 numbers on it they are: 299c1169p009 then zisp480dxass, ziss480dxass, zsep480dyass I have noticed a rapid clicking off and on for a month or so, you can't locate the exact location, then 2 days ago the freezer was 30 deg. and refridge 40 deg. the next day both sides 47, it sounded like everything was running but i have now torn it into 100 pieces, trying to locat the cooling coil and defroster, everything on the back is riveted, finally got all the panels in the freezer off and found the coils and a defrost pan? plugged it back in it appears the compressor is not running it was behind a cage on top in front of the compressor so i remove 1 screw hidden behind a foam seal and pried the cage out so I could feel the compressor, i couldn't feel any thing, I checked the wires and got 120 vac. I am thinking the inverter/controler on the compressor may be bad and if there is a start relay that may be the rapid clicking? it is difficult to locate anything on this unit, I have repaired many many ref. in my rental houses over the years but this monagram is so hard to find individual components, the round coil behind the compressor is filthy too so I am cleaning it and the fan blowing across the cooling fins is running along with all lights are working. one of 2 things caused this, may be a coincidence (which I don't believe in) my wife was wiping off the display panel on the ice dispenser 2 days before it quit, and the day it stopped cooling the power company moved a power pole in the yard next door to us but if the cut power I didn't have to reset any clocks but it may have been fast, may have just been a surge? either way the noise it has been making (like gears not completely meshing, like a relay chatter) is where the problem is. I just saw a video and it says there is a 4-6 volt signal from the control board (where ever it is) tells the inverter to tell the compressor how much to run, so I will measure this. i found the motherboard in a box on the top left, the wires to the compressor inverter measured 2.5 volts across them , both measured 30 and 31 volts to the red. case but 2.5volts at the board and at the connector to the inverter board/case. if this is supposed to be 4-6 volts as the video showed then it lookas like a bad motherboard but I want to be sure due to the high price? any help would be appreciated, i looked at the prices on this piece of junk and I saw from $8,500-10,000, it looks like new and hasn't been in the home but about 4 or 5 years, It would hurt to have to totally replace it, it was in the house when I purchased it 2 years ago and hadn't been used much, the previous owners lived in Fla. most of the time.
  20. Thermistor reading was good. I used an IR thermometer to see that the thermistor was at ~77F. The resistance read just over 10 kOhm which is where is should be. What do I try next? Is there a way to validate the Jazz PCB is good?
  21. Uploaded a mini manual and a Service Manual thats seems to be similar to your Model!
  22. Version 1.0.0


    GE WPDH8900J1MG Front Load Washer Mini Manual PUB 31-16567 GE WPDH8900J1MG Front Load Washer Service Manual PUB 31-9168 GE Profile Washer with Steam Cycle Options Training Manual
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  24. We are looking to add more technician's in our Lees Summit,Mo location would like to find someone with sealed system experience but not required, No experience is required we are willing to train if need be, we do pay salary, plus bonuses per sealed system job performed, If interested please email resume to todd@nationalrepaircenterllc.com or call 417-825-4988
  25. Okay, I swapped out the agitators, everything from above the spanner nut, and it fits fine. Am doing a load of laundry as I type and the agitation is very strong. Thank you very much, Willie.
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