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  2. Terry Carmen

    Frigidaire LGG3043FFC range ignitor

    That model number doesn't seem to be good, however it doesn't matter much. You can either buy a fireplace lighter or a new stove. If you try to disassemble it, you'll probably be buying all 4 (5?) orifice holders and a hand full of ridiculously expensive screws. I'd use a lighter.
  3. marshall450

    Service manual needed

    I had found the wire diagram. Looking forward to getting the service manual. Really appreciate it.
  4. 16345Ed

    Frigidaire LGG3043FFC range ignitor

    Also don’t be surprised if burner screws strip or snap. These can be tough to replace without replacing all the burners and screws due to snapped and stripped screws.
  5. All i can find is the diagram number of SR13472.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Captain Dunsel

    Service manual needed

    Uploading wiring diagram thats in the last page of parts list and service manual waiting on approval:
  8. Hi Techs, The above microwave had a blown thermal fuse. The tech sheet is missing. The unit had no power to the control board. On the parts look up the fuse was number 5 and part number is 5304451403. This fuse does not look the same as the original but it is the part number called out on parts websites. I did not determine why the fuse blew. I put a temporary fuse in and ran the unit and had no issues heating a couple of cups of water. The new fuse was installed. I have a call back that the microwave made some popping noises, smelled like something was burning and it was making a ticking noise. The homeowner turned of the circuit breaker. So I have to go back and see what else has now failed on the unit. Any ideas and a manual would be helpful. Thanks, Tim

    Frigidaire LGG3043FFC range ignitor

    That is how they come, there is no igniter available directly.
  10. I have a Frigidaire LGG3043KFC range that I need to replace a couple top burner igniters on. The problem is that none of the parts stores carry just the igniter, you have the buy the entire burner orifice housing that then has the igniter attached. Anyone have a suggestion or know the part number just for the igniter?
  11. Pulls up on Sears parts direct thanks
  12. As always, you guys are great thank you p
  13. Thank you very much I will check this out!
  14. That model comes up here with parts and a junky wiring Diagram: http://partsnet.geappliances.ca/index.jsp
  15. There is this service manual.Take a look:
  16. Sorry, I did not check. I will check if it does not reach temp
  17. I’ve got the tech sheet already for this model but I am wondering if it’s possible to get the service manual with more info on the theory of operation and exploded parts diagram.
  18. Last week
  19. Very possible, let it run for awhile. What were the high and low side pressures before you added refrigerant?
  20. Here is one more thing, the condenser is a little warmer now compare to before adding the 1/2oz
  21. After adding the 1/2oz 20min ago I see that the FC temp is starting to drop down a little it’s at 29F. Will you consider this a leak still , Even with the evap return to the compressor is frosting up a little ?
  22. Wow, thanks for quick reply on thanksgiving. I just added 1/2oz after first I purged the air from host and I noticed that the return from the evaporators is frosting up, isn’t that a a sign of overcharged system?
  23. Most commonly would be a leak, then restriction.
  24. Hi, the kitchenaid fridge both FC &RC were working fine and getting to temperature of -1F & 38F respectively until today , not sure why. the FC&RC seem to be stuck at 30F&42F , I can hear the compressor kick in and going to higher speeds often, maybe every hour or less. The condenser fan is running but the condenser is at room temperature, it should a little warmer then that, right?. Is it possible that the capillary has an obstruction and is why the condenser is at room temperature? Why will it occur a month or so later ? Any suggestions, thanks max
  25. Son of Samurai

    Dishwasher not working

    Thanks, Vance! Approved.
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