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    • 27 April 2024 02:00 PM Until 03:00 PM
      All Appliantology tech members are invited to join in this workshop on all things Appliantological: bidness, customers, tools, troubleshooting, flavorite brewski, whatever. Webcams and microphones are open and live!
      This workshop is also a great time for any students at Master Samurai Tech to bring any and all questions about the coursework. We're happy to walk through any concepts you're having trouble with. Think of it like office hours with your teachers. 
      If you have a specific appliance problem you'd like us to talk about, post it here! We need a problem statement and a PDF of the tech sheet or schematic so we can all see it on screen share. If you have a PDF that isn't already in the File library here at Appliantology, send it to us by attaching it to the contact form. 
      Also, follow this Calendar Event so you'll get notified of new posts here. Look for the "Follow" button either at the top of the topic on desktop or below the topic on mobile.
      Who: This workshop is only available to tech members at Appliantology.
      When: Saturday, April 27 @10:00 AM Eastern Time.
      Where: Online via Zoom
      Click here to go to the forum topic with the registration link. If you're interested, register now. Arrive a couple minutes early to make sure your connection is working. Set a reminder for yourself for this workshop so you don’t miss it.  And check out past workshops here: https://appliantology.org/announcement/33-webinar-recordings-index-page/

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  3. Nathaniel Peterson

    R600a starter kit

    Accidentally hit the cat emoji, my bad.
  4. Nathaniel Peterson

    R600a starter kit

    I recommend these too because I hate guessing how much extra charge to add to compensate removing the high side hose. C&D CD5050 Small Thumb Screw Core Depressor / Flow Control Valve (enter this in Amazon because when I link stuff it doesn't pull up) They have one with a charge port too.Appion makes one too but it's quite big and usually out of stock when trying to find.
  5. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    R600a starter kit

    Thanks for the show and tell on that very cool kit, @Koi Guy!
  6. Advance1

    Whirlpool top loader unknown part.

    Nothing important. Those plastic cups catch the shipping pins when it is first installed. Looks like one of the cups came detached with the shipping pin. Clint
  7. Does anyone know what this part is and what its for? It's underneath my Whirlpool top load washer and I'll post a pic of where it's located. Little plastic cup-looking thing, with some type of metal pin in it. The pin is like someone just dropped it in there. Not hooked to anything. There are 2 of these things under my washer. Seems like a strange thing to be just kinda there....under my washer...lol. Thanks!
  8. kokomo

    Need tech Sheet/manual

    Is a newer unit R600A inop evap heater.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Manufacturer: Premier Type of Appliance: Lap gas oven Model Number: Bck100op01 Have you validated the model number at an online parts site like Repair Clinic? (yes or no): Yes Have you watched the video on how to search for manuals and have you searched the Downloads section prior to posting this request? (yes or no): Yes Need parts diagrams and/or tech sheets/ service manual
  11. About a year ago I was ready to start learning R600a systems. Watched all the vids and decided I was ready to buy. I bought the Yellow Jacket 61001 kit. What I found was it has little of what I need. So, after getting some experience with R600a systems, it was time to groom one of my techs that’s wanting in the game. So I put together a kit for him, and thought I’d share. For sealed system repairs, I’m still using my normal gear, nothings changed. But I wanted this tech to have the equipment to check the system, and be able to dump, pull vacuum, add dye, weigh in charge. What I’m seeing in the field is refrigerant leaks that are undetectable with my sniffer. So to find the leak we’ll have to add dye and come back and see if we can find it. It’s been pretty quick and easy for me to do this. There’s such a low charge with a leak that it seems there’s little in the system. The longest part is pulling a vacuum and getting rid of some moisture. Yellow Jacket 41868 manifold and hoses Yellow Jacket 61003 scale Nu-Calgon 4175-10 charging assembly Nu-Calgon 4175-30 refrigerant Pittsburg 2.5cfm vacuum pump So I put together a kit for him. Found the perfect case at Harbour Freight- called Voyager. Mock setup Marked off what I needed to cut. Trimmed up the partitions needed. Had the perfect piece of styrofoam to act as a spacer, this keeps the can lower but raises the scale, manifold and adapter so they fit snugly and don’t bounce around. Glued up the corners with some dryer felt glue. Added the foam…. Boom done! Saved hundreds and saved space.
  12. no difference with previous version and now error codes page
  13. tear down the front look at he weights maybe from the top you can investigate I had a broken bolt
  14. Rich Armstrong

    Service Manuel Request

    Thank you guys, much appreciated!
  15. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Splendide front load washer techsheet

    Thanks for uploading the manual, @Jorge Gutierrez!
  16. Splendide WFL1300XD Washing Machine Service Manual and Parts Manual View File Model: WFL1300XG Commercial Code: 869991588670 Submitter Jorge Gutierrez Submitted 04/20/2024 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  17. lol ! That is like a miracle nowdays
  18. In my experience Oven elements is one of the things that the aftermarket is as good or better than oem , just don’t expect either to last over 3 or so years, Higher prices, lower quality .
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Model: WFL1300XG Commercial Code: 869991588670
  20. Hi all... I'm not sure what else to do with this thing, but just about every run it throws a d80. At this point I've already replaced the thermistor and the control board and I have the dryer venting into the laundry room, can't get any shorter of a vent run than that. Yet it still keeps throwing a d80. Before the obvious question is asked, yes the lint trap is clean Does anyone have any ideas on what to check next?
  21. Son of Samurai

    Service Manuel Request

    Thanks, Vance!
  22. Kenmore LG 796.78156* Dryer Service Manual View File PUB MFL69290425 Electric 78156*, 8146*, 8136* Gas 9156*, 9146*, 9136* Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 04/19/2024 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  23. Version 1.0.0


    PUB MFL69290425 Electric 78156*, 8146*, 8136* Gas 9156*, 9146*, 9136*
  24. Last week
  25. Vance R

    Service Manuel Request

    Tried to upload the service manual - got the same error code. Have learned something don't let you internet provider send you a free modem. Emailed it to you again.
  26. Earlier my wife turned on the stovetop on our Samsung electric oven/range combo and there was an immediate arc and it tripped the 50amp breaker. I checked the terminal voltages and it read as it’s supposed to (120v from hots to neutral, and 240 from hot to hot). Continuity in the wire is good. i took a pic of the back panel. Is the amount of “burnt” areas normal? i am able to plug in the unit and everything functions fine. There are no error codes stored. Obviously we won’t use it though until I’m able to identify why this happened..thoughts?
  27. Fixitrightthefirsttime

    PGB965YP1FS GE Range - Need tech manual please.

    Thanks so much! Really appreciated!
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