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  2. 6010fd12

    LG LMXC23746S Fridge not cooling

    Gotcha. I ordered the flow indicator and did some research. So basically I need to take the schrader valve off both high and low sides and have the nitrogen flow from one side while I braze. Also would these work? Harris and SLIFOS15(however it's telling me that the item is discontinued). If for some reason I need extra tubing what do I search to find it at my local big box stores? I wanted to ask 2 questions. Do I need to worry about the oil inside the system at all? Or when should I be concerned it? And also do I need to install a new UV Dryer or can I keep the current one on?
  3. Vance R

    LG LMXC23746S Fridge not cooling

    Nope, sil fos 15 for copper to copper, Harris Safety-Silv 45% with flux for copper to steel. If want to use nitrogen this the flow reg i use. Uniweld NV1 NitroVue Nitrogen Flow Indicator 1/4"F X 1/4"M.
  5. 6010fd12

    LG LMXC23746S Fridge not cooling

    I'm going to try the pipe cutting method. Would this work well for brazing the pipe afterwards? Also how do I go about letting the nitrogen flow through the system while brazing?
  6. Verify temperature at icemaker is below 6F. Icemaker turns on at 5F Icemaker will function erratically if freezer temperature is set at or near 5F. Should be set at 0F...for reliable interruption free function. If the temperature was already set at 0F...verify actual temperature at icemaker. If 5F or warmer...suspect sealed system issues.
  7. Captain Dunsel

    Tech Sheet and service manual

    Uploading tech sheet.Waiting on approval.
  8. MVrepairs

    LDP6797BD Dishwasher

    Thank you.
  9. Need tech sheet and manual for a Kenmore refrigerator model number 253.6179210A
  10. Hello, I could use some assistance. I have a Whirlpool AFI2538AEB4 refrigerator that is not making ice. I did some research online, and the most common problem is that the ice maker motor that turns the auger fails, and need replacing. Or the timer, etc. I just replaced the entire assembly, as it wasn't much more. No muss, no fuss. New ice maker does not make ice. I'm not sure what else to do, as I have no schematic. I'm capable of troubleshooting, just could use some direction. I see on the timer there are different points to test, and I get 120v on the L and N when the switch is on and the doors are closed. But, still no auger movement, no ice making. (Auger being the white plastic piece that ejects the cubes from the tray). If I press door button for ice, I get the solenoid pop to open door, and the stainless feed auger moves. Water through the door works, so I know I have no flow issues (valve could be bad I understand, but again, ejection auger isn't moving at all). If any one has any info, I would be greatly appreciative of sharing! Thank you!
  11. Yesterday
  12. AwesomeSetofTools

    GE GFDR270EH Dryer not starting

    The dryer won't start. I performed the Field Service Diagnostic procedure and received an error code 009. "eERROR_DRUM_MOTOR The Drum Motor Error is detected when the Centrifugal Switch does not change within a certain period of time after the Drum Motor relay has been turned on or off. I replaced the Drum Motor. No effect. Same error code. I have measured all the thermostats to determine if they were failed. Zero or near zero resistance. I measured the "broken belt" cutoff switch. I verified the house current at the plug. The Technical Service Manual is not very helpful...it is located here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14w3Fs0MZ9pNPLyQt2VXPTVp1XF9f_FPa/view When the dryer is powered and then the Start button is selected, you can hear a relay click and the timer counts for a couple of minutes, but it then just stops with nothing else happening. 1. How do I determine if the new motor (or original motor) is good? 2. What should I measure/troubleshoot next? 3. There aren't many "parts" left, other than the main circuit board...thoughts? Thanks! Scott
  13. ECtoFix

    ohms or capacitance reading on a water valve?

    You sure were nice to him. I tend to be a bit curt when tech support feeds me a "line of BS" because they don't know any better. Especially their "Sr. Technical Service Representative" , doesn't know how DIODE TEST mode works on digital multimeters that we use every day. Even my two el-cheapo meters I use at home display VOLTAGE DROP in DIODE TEST mode: Here's an article I just found on-line about testing diodes with various meters and explains why DIODE TEST displays voltage instead of ohms: Meter Check of a Diode After this past ten weeks on an unpaid leave of absence, I was JUST able to file for unemployment this past weekend. I had to get my district legislature's office involved to bust through the barrier that had prevented me from doing so for so long now! Filing for unemployment and (same as for YOU) finally getting paid is an absolute friggin' NIGHTMARE. That's especially true here in TN. Yes, the "lack of structure" from not working has me in a rut of sedentary habits. Not a good thing for a man my age and my already pre-existing bad habits. My place of work parallels yours, since it also a place where many people must gather at once. The resort I work at gets 90% of their business from CONVENTIONS. Although they have finally announced a 25 June re-opening date, I anticipate it will be a painfully slow ramp-up. My OWN projection is, since I'm the junior guy ( 8 yrs) in our shop of seven...and because they're NOT going to be calling EVERYONE back in until business justifies it - I don't expect to be called back in for another month or two later (mid to late summer). I hope I'm wrong about that. I'd given some thoughts to getting back into a service van as a field technician again (with Hobart, Whaleys or the like), but I'm just a few years shy of retirement and have absolutely NO desire to enter into the rigors and job stresses which that entails: I never again want to get me & all my refrigeration tools onto anyone's roof in the blazing heat of summer or with snow greeting me for my first step off the ladder. I never again want to be ON-CALL for a week once a month. I did that for fourteen years and can say that I had INDEED, at some point or another, gotten called out EVERY hour on the clock. I never again want to work 12-18 hours a day, which seems to have become the norm in the food equipment repair field nowadays. ...and numerous OTHER reasons.
  14. Captain Dunsel

    Kenmore Washer 11020222510

    Uses the same tech sheet as this! Uses this service manual.
  15. Requesting service manual/tech sheet please.
  16. Captain Dunsel

    Need service manual

    Double check that Model Number!
  17. had one of these same unit 253.22442412 start device clicking in & out, APP calling it a controller.

    GE Gas Cooktop - JGP990SEL1SS

    Did you ever find how to get the panel off i am on one now and can not seem to disassemble
  19. Funny thing is that the new replacement motor does have a slightly larger impeller. However maybe the motor is running at a slower speed now.. I don't know.
  20. Whoops, I need to check this site more often. I checked the EMA technical site, don't see a Service Manual that directly applies to your unit. Closest seems to be the 2009 SM, 5995535019:
  21. davejohnsonnola

    ohms or capacitance reading on a water valve?

    ECtofix, I'm in the same "going nuts" boat. The casinos and race tracks in the rest of Louisiana are opened in various stages and occupancy, (no fans, just horse related folks at the tracks) but in New Orleans, which had some of the worst # of cases and death rates last month the big casinos and our track are still closed. Finally got the unemployment $ going after an over two month delay but am finding out that being left entirely to my self and with no structure is not a good place for me to be. Strange, I have no trouble packing a tool bag and driving across town to help a friend out with something, but have no desire or drive to fix my own stuff.
  22. davejohnsonnola

    ohms or capacitance reading on a water valve?

    Well, the Curtis folks are very responsive to their online support! ME: Subject: Technical Support Message: Curious as to why use the diode function on a multi-meter to check the coils on brew and inlet valves on a D500GT brewer instead of using ohmmeter? I'm currently furloughed and do not have a machine in front of me, but am taking the ignitor labs training series and came across this. From the schematic this is a 120 volt ac supply and not a polarized DC circuit so I am confused and curious. Thank for any response. -------- Original message -------- From: TechService <TechService@wilburcurtis.com> Date: 5/26/20 8:42 AM (GMT-06:00) ______________________________________________________________________ Good morning David, some to our coils are rectified. Testing with diode setting is one of two ways to test. ME: Thanks for the response, but a diode check would read in volts, not ohms? -------- Original message -------- From: TechService <TechService@wilburcurtis.com> Date: 5/26/20 11:38 AM (GMT-06:00) A diode check will read in ohms. Eric Contreras Sr. Technical Service Representative Professional Coffee Machines - The Americas Wilbur Curtis Co., Inc. | 6913 Acco St. | Montebello, CA 90640 | USA phone: +1 (800) 995-0417 techservice@wilburcurtis.com | www.wmfnorthamerica.com | www.schaererusa.com | www.wilburcurtis.com ME: Thanks again for rapid responses. My only meter that has that function is locked up in furloughed facility and can't remember the last time I might have used that function!
  23. I think I may have identified the source of the "syrup". See video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/s18Tz9VjeikyQiNM9 It originates along part of the length of the rubber gasket/seal (I think that's what it's called...?) on the bottom edge of the fridge door. Not sure why it's leaking brown watery liquid. Would love to solve this mystery as inexpensively as possible. If it can't be resolved easily, will replacing the gasket/seal fix this? Or possibly replacing the door? Ideally I would like to avoid buying a new fridge, since the rest of the unit itself still works well.
  24. Thank you, "vent booster" is pointing me in the right direction! A search on Google Images confirms this. Finally! Thank you! The strange thing is, I seldom use the dryer. I can understand why this booster might run when the dryer is operating. But every time in the past when this booster ran past the cycle, it was always a WASH cycle, never a dry cycle. This week's episode was no exception... it was my weekly wash cycle and the booster inexplicably felt like running for 5 hours afterwards. Surely, a washer does not use air which needs to be vented outside, correct?
  25. Captain Dunsel

    LDP6797BD Dishwasher

    See if this is what your looking for!
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