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  2. Requesting tech sheet. For some reason I'm not able to download from the frigidaire site??? used to do it all the time.
  3. A full model number helps. I assume it's a 106.9751714? The dripping water is probably a defrost water from the freezer Evaporator area. The defrost happens every 8-10 hours, and if the drain is clogged up, the water will drip down into the fresh food section. Remove everything from the freezer and pour some warm/hot water under the Evaporator coil. If the water is not going down, clear the drain tube. The clog could actually be on the bottom behind the refrigerator near the compressor. Make sure the water easily flows down into the defrost pan by the compressor.
  4. Pull the toeplate and the tech sheet should there on the back of the plate. After entering diagnostics the first step flashes all the leds then the next 3 steps will flash the error codes. This model is prone to having the wash motor quit after running awhile in the wash cycles, does it get really quite while washing?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Thanks! Just to be clear, the circuit breaker isn’t tripping, but turning the circuit off seems to reset the dishwasher.
  7. Vance R

    Kenmore PRO

    This one should work:
  8. looking for tech sheet or wiring diagram , thx
  9. Son of Samurai

    Bosch Refrigerator

    @Scott-aflPlease post your question as a new topic in the Appliance Repair Tech Forum. The manual requests forum is exclusively for manual requests.
  10. Basic Appliance Repair

    Need service/wiring manual Maytag Range

    thanks guys..!!! 😀
  11. Last week
  12. I measure the start capacitor and it is 15.7uF. Label says 15uF. The start device sounds solid. No rattles or other noise. The compressor windings are: Top Pin A Pin B Pin C Pin A - B: 4.9 Ohm Pin B - 😄 7.6 Ohm Pin C - A: 3.1 Ohm Thanks Paul
  13. I purchased this new in December 1996. The only repair I had to make is a new water inlet valve in August 2019. A month or so ago I noticed pools of water on the bottom trays in the fridge. So far I have fooled with the temp/air settings and have placed a bowl to the left of center in the fridge to collect the water, which now freezes so I empty it every 3-4 weeks. My icemaker works well. Thanks for any information.
  14. Take the start device off of the compressor, ohm the winding of the compressor. Shake the start device and if it sounds like loose gravel inside, replace the start device. You can check the run capacitor to make sure it is ok.
  15. I have an older kenmore refrigerator (model # 3639762821) that I am trying to get working. The fridge runs but only cools slightly. I was hopeful that I might be overlooking something easy. Here's a list of things I've done so far: -Everything inside and out of the fridge has been thoroughly cleaned. Fridge looks pretty much brand new. -Icemaker was broken when I got it, so it was removed and the harness (two wire, probably 16 or 18 gauge) was disconnected. Its currently wrapped in electrical tape to protect these connectors. I am beginning to wonder if disconnecting this harness (op
  16. The fans are running and the compressor tries to start, you hear a hum and then a click.
  17. Scott-afl

    Bosch Refrigerator

    First Bosch I've ever worked on, complaint of no cooling in fresh, food. Found a no defrost evaporator for fresh food compartment, but I also had -5° at freezer bottom, and 25°ish at the top, found the freezer fan is not running. I forced the unit into defrost, and both heaters came on, but the ff heater was only on for 30 seconds, then shut off. I tested the (similar to LG) temp fuse/temp sensor, but this is all the service manual gives for specs of the temp fuse: AC250V , 10A , 77℃. I tested continuity and resistance and got OL, but i got similar readings for the freezer temp fuse/
  18. @Econo Appliance rmembered it; I just found it for you.
  19. I have a three year old Two drawer - under counter Kitchenaid fridge KUDF204ESB00 - The upper drawer has stopped defrosting. I believe their is a way to trigger manual defrost mode in order to facilitate testing but I can't locate the manual on-line. The manual would be ideal but can anyone provide the procedure for triggering manual defrost? Thanks in advance.
  20. That problem is going to be meat drawer board (I believe they call it the pantry board). It controls the ice dispenser and icemaker, when meat board is dead then you will have erratic/no dispenser and no ice.
  21. Those are ribs or barbs that help to grip the hose when clamped in place. The check valve is usually built into the rubber elbow and not easily removed. For the model number it is usually located on the tub just outside the door gasket or on the door around the inner flange.
  22. Or thermostat, need to check for voltage at the fan motors and compressor. If no voltage need to check the thermostat then the adc board.
  23. When the fridge is plugged in you can hear a hum and then you can hear a relay open. (Click). Am I right in assuming the first part I should try to change out is the Start capacitor? Thanks
  24. I'm installing a used GE Cafe dishwasher - about 4-5yrs old, apparently. No model number to be found. When I go to attach the drain hose, there is a threaded connector on the dishwasher side, but no threads on the rubbery black elbow connector on the hose side. This is making me wonder if there is a part missing here. I've attached pics of each side, as well as the whole bottom in case that helps anyone recognize the model. It just seems odd to clamp this rubber hose end over a threaded mount, as if something else is meant to happen here and, if nothing else, be a source of leaks. Also,
  25. None of them are running. So does this mean the ADC is not working.
  26. vee8power

    Pop Quiz: What's Wrong with this Freezer?

    to give us another picture to guess the cause
  27. mkultraball

    Samsung ww22K6800AW/A2 8C1 or BC1 error

    Hey guys, has anybody been able to resolve their 8c1 error code? I had previously tried wrapping the pinched area of the wiring harness in electrical tape and then using pliers to prevent the pinch from occurring, but when I load clothes into the washer, I still get the error code. No error code when testing the washer without clothes in it, interestingly. I have to de-stack it and take a look inside to see if I can figure out what's going on. May have to do some more in-depth splicing of the wiring harness, or outright replace it.
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