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  1. Yesterday
  2. darren412

    Maytag Refrigerator

    Tech sheet should be taped to the under side of the fridges bottom near the front behind the kick plate grill. On the schematics it looks like jumping brown wire #5. To white Eire #6. Should give you a forced defrost. Contacts are located on the EDC board
  3. Mr. Mezey

    Have you cleaned your dryer's lint filter lately?

    I am amazed the high limit thermostat didn’t trip.
  4. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Dryer Repair

    Photos and Diagrams to help in repairing dryers.
  5. LG LFX31945ST French Door Hi I got this 2014 used LG fridge in excellent condition the woman said it needs a compressor. Found service valves have been brazed onto compressor suction line and high side on the filter dryer stub. No pressure was in the system and saw dye had been added. Used black light and saw dye in the condensate drain pan water. Checked evaporator in fresh food section and saw dye all over the coils and dripping into drain pan. Looked like the aluminum to copper transition crimp was the leak. Checked freezer evaporator looked fine no sign of dye. Ordered brand new evaporator assembly since it comes with the defrost heater and sensors and wire harness all attached so decided to go ahead and replace freezer evaporator at same time as I read the defrost heaters get weak over time and I had it all apart already. When i removed the black tape sealant that they wrap around the brazes to cut the tubing i noticed what looked like damage to the capillary tube just above the braze it felt like someone pinched it with side cutters but looking closer it looks like a factory made pinch off crimped on the capillary tube so its like a tiny orifice made with some type of tool. Looked at the freezer capillary tube and has the same tiny crimp mark you can feel it with your fingernail. I wasn't sure if last person working on this did that or if it was factory made crimp. I cut and filed and used tiny pick tool made sure cap tube was open (below these tiny crimps). I used Stay Brite 8 to silver solder in the two new evaporators, pulled vacuum for 1 hr and charged with 134a 5 oz. System is running low side in 20 in hg vacuum and High side 110 psi left it overnight running and fridge is hot inside. Pulled power cord pressures do not equalize at all low side stays in vacuum with power off. Obviously a restriction but does anyone know about these tiny crimps are they supposed to be there in the cap tubes? Or possibly the drier is clogged maybe the last guy used sealer dye to stop the leak and clogged either the cap tubes or drier with it. PS this is the LG that uses a reversing valve by the linear compressor to direct the flow to each evaporator. Compressor sounds good and no flashing error led on main board and no errors on front panel. Thanks!
  6. tmckinneyebony

    Maytag Refrigerator

    How to force defrost on Maytag Refrigerator Model M1TXEMMWW04
  7. Son of Samurai

    LGHB2867PF3 Refrigerator Service Manual

    See this post on finding Electrolux/Frigidaire information:
  8. Lighthouse

    Pricing Service in a Small Service Company

    Only reasons I do some warranty work: 1. Help the local mom/pop appliance dealers. 2. Training 3. Tech info & support if needed
  9. J5*

    Pricing Service in a Small Service Company

    Yep things have changed a bit but they still don’t want to pay more than they have to , they have all the pricing allocated in the budget prob best to take a discussion on warranty rates to the dojo under a new topic
  10. Claude

    Cabrio WTW8200YWO

    F1 is only code that came up. All hoses and screens/filters checked. All clear.
  11. Lighthouse

    Cabrio WTW8200YWO

    Seen long fill cause what you are describing. Could be something as simple as dirty valve screen. That is why I said to check error codes.
  12. If you can swap out the main board for another one under warranty. I would replace the board again. The second power surge as you mentioned could have done it. If you don't already have one , which from the sounds of it, you probably already have a surge protector for your fridge. But if you don't I would recommend using a surge protector ( about 1,000 Jule) should be sufficient with a new replacement board and also check and make sure the power supply's polarity is correct also . Nothing to really lose here if you can get the main control swapped out on a warranty issue. Just my thoughts. We can put a man on the moon but we cant make a fridge last 5 yrs without a problem.
  13. darren412

    Cabrio WTW8200YWO

    when did you order the board ? I'm assuming you tried everything else first that was suggested for you to do ?
  14. Log down your model Number of your ht4 model and log down the model number of the ht3 model and see if the inner and outer tub parts breakdown come up with the same part numbers If the numbers are the same then swapping them out should be okay. If there is a substituted number on any one of the parts in question that your looking to replace. You may be doing yourself a dis service by swapping them out because there may be a manufacturer issue with the part to begin with. good luck Thats quite a crap shoot when you get involved with that particular scenario. If they are a number match , make sure you use the rear outer tub half also that goes with the other inner drum . you want to keep the same rear outer tub half with the same inner tub spyder shaft. keep them together because of the bearing.. If you don't mind the labor and the parts are free go to town brother. If it doesn't turn out to be what you expected your still ok. I hope it works out well for you
  15. Last week
  16. Claude

    Cabrio WTW8200YWO

    Thank you. We ordered the main control board. Will be in on 3 days. Not happy. Two years ago we replaced suspension rods and bearings. Now this. After this,no more monies into it. Machine will be scrap metal. Will keep posted if board works. Thank you.
  17. darren412

    Cabrio WTW8200YWO

    sounds like a bad board . The main control board in this model incorporates the water level sensing part of the wash cycles in the board itself. there is not a separate water level switch. from the description of the symptom the sensing of the water level may have failed and it thinks the tub has water in it when it doesn't. If The drain pump is running like you mentioned when it is powered off points to the board also. Pull the water level hose off the main board and blow through it to make sure it is clear all the way to the water level chamber then reattach the hose back on the main control. Tub needs to be fully drained also when doing this. check what error codes you have as Lighthouse has told you. run a test wash and let it finish to the end without interruption . in my opinion this is not one of the better models. This model has many issues.
  18. Hello, I am looking for a service manual for this unit. Model # LGH2867PF3 Serial # 4A42107882 Thank you
  19. Quick

    Pricing Service in a Small Service Company

    That all depends on who they have to do their warranty work if you are in a regional area where no one else services you can name your price your other option is to grow your business to the point you don’t need the warranty work or if it isn’t cost effective drop it if you drop it you may find out they are willing to pay more anyway so there’s your renegotiation I know that's right. I've provided Warranty Work for most all of them back in the day. ( Used to mail the Narda form in to get paid) They will pay a little more if you have employed techs as well. Some will give you a raise once a year but you gotta ask for it. I'm sure some things have changed. So how many here would be willing to sound off on what warranty is paying them these days? Unethical or forbidden? Or maybe just to personal? If so I understand. Perhaps if every one shared that info it could provide leverage for others to get paid a little more? I'm done myself. But I do wish for more for you guys.
  20. J5*

    Pricing Service in a Small Service Company

    That all depends on who they have to do their warranty work if you are in a regional area where no one else services you can name your price your other option is to grow your business to the point you don’t need the warranty work or if it isn’t cost effective drop it if you drop it you may find out they are willing to pay more anyway so there’s your renegotiation
  21. Bosch SHX4AT55UC/14 Dishwasher Schematic and Service Manual View File Schematic PUB 58300000172479 Service Manual PUB 58300000172807 Submitter Son of Samurai Submitted 08/17/2018 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper  
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Schematic PUB 58300000172479 Service Manual PUB 58300000172807
  23. Quick

    Pricing Service in a Small Service Company

    Yes sir. Very expensive and troublesome marketing and training tool.
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