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Testing HSI Ignitor Amps at Low Voltages

I posted this in reply to a Tech Forum post (linked below), but thought I would cross-post here to keep track of it, as well as to have a place to post any follow up testing I did a quick test of Hot Surface Ignitor amps at different voltages, and what I measured was way more linear than I expected. See graph below. I used a variac to vary supply voltage to a brand new Robertshaw 41-205 rectangular HSI ignitor. I measured the ignitor current at 5V steps after a little settling time until th

Rhubarb Tau

Rhubarb Tau in Science Try-Its!

Wire Piercing Probes in Action - Locating breaks in Whirlpool SxS Lower Hinge Wiring

I put this in a Dojo post, but thought I might just post it to my just-created Appliantology blog to make it easier to find I made a video the other day on a callback for broken lower hinge wiring on a Kitchenaid SxS. Earlier in the week I had spliced all of the breaks I could find, found two wires with multiple breaks along their length, some concealed inside unbroken insulation, advised the customer that it was a temporary fix, and was relieved when the icemaker finally passed its harvest

Rhubarb Tau

Rhubarb Tau in Wiring Repair

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