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Wire Piercing Probes in Action - Locating breaks in Whirlpool SxS Lower Hinge Wiring

Rhubarb Tau


I put this in a Dojo post, but thought I might just post it to my just-created Appliantology blog to make it easier to find

I made a video the other day on a callback for broken lower hinge wiring on a Kitchenaid SxS. Earlier in the week I had spliced all of the breaks I could find, found two wires with multiple breaks along their length, some concealed inside unbroken insulation, advised the customer that it was a temporary fix, and was relieved when the icemaker finally passed its harvest test. 

Unfortunately, I didn't test the auger motor, and spaced the fact that the auger motor wiring runs through the same harness under the hinge. Turns out there was another concealed break in the blue wire (DC to the auger motor), and I made this short 4min video (poorly) showing the process of locating and splicing the concealed break.

BTW, the probes in the video are from AES Wave, their "uSignalTap" wire piercing probes. I've only had them about a month, but so far I'm very impressed, the best ones I've tried, so far at least



Also, fwiw it sounds like Whirlpool is finally facing a class action lawsuit for this issue, linked below the video:




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