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After 8 months of appliance hell, I stumbled upon the Master Samurai Training Tech Academy. Within one month of applying the teachings through the courses I excelled as a real deal appliance diagtician. I went from being the laughing stock of the parts house to them asking me for advice. 
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I know I am crazy but I am looking to pick up some warranty work. Problem is, I have contacted many manufactures through their online application but few have responded. Has anyone ran into this issue?
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Curious on parts markup.  Do you use a flat percent/amount or does it depend on the part and job or something else?
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Looking into hiring a 1099 Sub contractor any advise. Is there a contract between me and the sub contractor? And what does the contract need to read. Pros and cons of a 1099? 
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All burners (including bake & broil) burn with orange flames after customer was away for three months. Confirmed correct LP orifices and regulator set correctly for LP. 
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I went into the appliance repair business relatively recently. While I've had some success, for me a good week means between 3 and 5 service calls. What are some of you guys doing to bring more business your way?
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What's interesting about these two videos is that the repairs done on each is *electrically identical* but the *physical repair looked entirely different* between the two. And that's exactly what you should notice in these two videos.
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Here's a quick tip for finding service manuals for Kenmore model numbers in the Downloads section here at Appliantology. 
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Troubleshooting a No-Power problem with a Jenn-Air Built-in Side by Side Refrigerator
Refrigerator was running. Turned power off at the main switch and then back on now no lights, no fans, no display, no nuttin'. How do I troubleshoot this problem?
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The display on this GE wall oven will not come on. You've already verified a valid 120/240 power supply to the wall oven. 

1. What is your Load of Interest (LOI)?

2. Which component is your prime suspect? Why? 
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We offer 4 different ways for professional appliance techs to participate in the Appliantology tech community. The features and benefits of each option are summarized in this table.
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“I'm looking for some input or advice for entering the appliance repair trade.”
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Everything appliance technicians need to know about triacs for appliance repair.
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If you have been certified in the Fundamentals course at the Master Samurai Tech Academy you can get full tech access to our tech support site, Appliantology.org, with no annual fee. Yes, as in FREE.
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At the end of each and every month, the member with the highest Kendo point score (the “Ichiban Kendo Master”) wins a $100 Amazon gift certificate! It's that simple. No gimmicks.Check it out...
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The Samurai gave a live walkthrough on how to effectively use Appliantology as an appliance tech information tool: getting familiar with the site layout and content, how to search for service manuals, how to start new topics, and much, much more! BONUS: a quick run through of the Master Samurai Tech Academy.


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