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Everything appliance technicians need to know about triacs for appliance repair.
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If you have been certified in the Fundamentals course at the Master Samurai Tech Academy you can get full tech access to our tech support site,, with no annual fee. Yes, as in FREE.
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Oh, how the mighty have fallen!
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“I have been contacted by LG to become an authorized service provider.  I am interested in any information that might help me make an informed decision.” 
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Electric cooktop burner stays on high. Replaced infinite switch, no fix. Here’s the solution.
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In this workshop, we'll use an old skool Whirlpool direct drive washer as a case study to learn how to troubleshoot with the timing charts and schematic.
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“I work solo and am strongly considering buying one of each but want to hear others opinions of them.”
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Resist! Fight the power!
How do you fight the power? With resistance!
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Direct Spark Ignition (DSI) can be tricky to troubleshoot. Some good tips for tracking down a no bake ignition problem.
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Bringing the lost art of troubleshooting back to the appliance repair trade one tech at a time.
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Do you use generic parts, such as Supco, in the repairs you do for customers? If so, what’s your experience with them?
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“I’m in my 4th year of business and profit margin has grown every year.”
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“I'm a home based business, but I have had two customers who have given me their old appliances that I repaired and sold. Anyone else doing this?”
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Using a Regular Minivan to Run Calls
“Do any of you all see any issues with using a regular minivan to run calls?”
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“My Service Manager has been reading HVAC forums, and evidently quite a few HVAC techs have switched to a silver solder like Harris Stay-Brite 8 instead of traditional brazing. Has anybody here heard of or tried this?”
  • 17 replies

“I'm still relatively new to the appliance repair business.... How long did it take you to figure out what you need to keep on hand in order for more first call completions?”

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Are people finally figuring out that Yelp is a sewer like the rest of social media and that it’s really only good at collecting 💩?
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You arrive at the customer’s home at the appointed time and no one home. Do you wait? For how long? Do you charge extra?
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“Of course is the best compared to the rest in terms of information and education offered to help repair appliances.  I know that PSA offers testing for a master tech certification.  However I think when you get your MST certification that carries more weight then a Master Technician certification from PSA.”
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Good discussion among professional techs on the bidness and technical aspects of doing sealed system work.
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I have always just arc the hv to ground with a screwdriver. 

Better possibly safer way?
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At the end of each and every month, the member with the highest Kendo point score (the “Ichiban Kendo Master”) wins a $100 Amazon gift certificate! It's that simple. No gimmicks.Check it out...
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The Samurai gave a live walkthrough on how to effectively use Appliantology as an appliance tech information tool: getting familiar with the site layout and content, how to search for service manuals, how to start new topics, and much, much more! BONUS: a quick run through of the Master Samurai Tech Academy.


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