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Tech Memberships at Appliantology

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


We offer 4 different ways for professional appliance techs to participate in the Appliantology tech community. Three of the memberships are premium, and one is limited. The features and benefits of each option are summarized in the table below:


Click the links below for details:

1. Professional Appliantologist: the easy, instant premium membership for less than $4 per week. Unthrottled, lightning fast downloads.

2. Fellow Appliantologist: this free premium membership is earned by being an active participant in the Appliantology brotherhood.

3. MST Alumni: this free premium membership is earned by getting certified in the Core Appliance Repair course at the Master Samurai Tech Academy or Master Certification at the Mr. Appliance Academy.

4. MST Student: this free premium membership lasts for 6 months and is included with enrollment in any of our technical courses at Master Samurai Tech. (This is a one-time membership.)

5. Legacy Tech: this free limited membership with throttled download speeds is for professional techs who want to check out the Appliantology community and hopefully like what they see enough to either earn or purchase a premium membership. 

Aside from the benefits listed above, every Appliantology tech membership ensures two things that very few other sites out there do: no ads and no data harvesting. We strive to provide our members with an uncluttered, ad-free experience, and during your stay at the Appliantology forums, absolutely none of the content you create or your personal data is collected for our own or any other company's purposes.

BONUS! As any tech member, whether premium or limited, you can earn $100 each month just by participating in the conversations with our Kendo Master program. That means that you can actually earn money from your tech membership! Click here for more details about Kendo Points.


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