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  1. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Tech Memberships at Appliantology

    Appliantology is an invaluable resource for working appliance repair technicians, providing service manuals and datasheets, continuing education technical training, and a community of thousands who have your back whenever you need help or have questions. To maintain the quality of our community and keep it ad-free, we do charge an annual fee of $297 for our Professional Appliantologist membership, which unlocks all that Appliantology has to offer, including tech-only help forums and unthrottled, lighting-fast downloads. How to Save Money on Your Membership Empowering technicians has been our mission from day one, so we’ve made it possible to enjoy all the benefits of the Professional Appliantologist membership for FREE. All you need to do is enroll in the online appliance repair training courses at the Master Samurai Tech Academy. Why? The more master technicians who are active on Appliantology, the more useful Appliantology is for all of its members, you included. Here’s how membership works for students: After you enroll in any of our technical courses, you will receive a free 6-month Professional Appliantologist membership. Even after your 6 months are up, you’ll have earned a lifetime discount on your Professional Appliantologist membership. You can purchase your membership at any time, and cancel at any time. The current discount is $100 off, for an annual fee of $197. Want a Free Annual Membership? There are currently two ways to earn a free annual premium tech membership: Earning your certification in the Core Appliance Repair course at Master Samurai Tech Earning your Master Certification at the Mr. Appliance Academy Once you receive your certification, contact us for your free premium membership. To maintain your free membership indefinitely, all you need to do is stay active and contribute to the community. We know techs like flowcharts, so here's one that summarizes how memberships work. A Quick Recap 1. Professional Appliantologist: the easy, instant premium membership for $297 per year. Provides access to our tech-only help forums; unthrottled, lightning fast downloads; on-demand webinar recordings, and more. 2. Membership for MST Students: this free premium membership provides the same benefits as a Professional Appliantologist membership and lasts for 6 months. It is included with enrollment in any of our technical courses at Master Samurai Tech. This is a one-time membership, but even after it expires, you’ll have earned a lifetime discount on your Professional Appliantologist membership (currently $100 off). 3. Membership for Certified MST Alumni: this free premium membership provides the same benefits as a Professional Appliantologist membership, but it can be renewed for free indefinitely. It is earned by getting certified in the Core Appliance Repair course at the Master Samurai Tech Academy, or by earning Master Certification at the Mr. Appliance Academy. Every Appliantology tech membership also ensures two things that very few other sites out there do: no ads and no data harvesting. We strive to provide our members with an uncluttered, ad-free experience, and during your stay at the Appliantology forums, absolutely none of your personal data or the content you create will be collected for our own or any other company's purposes. If you would like to get a taste of what Appliantology offers, you can click here to apply for a free trial membership.
  2. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Free Trial Membership at Appliantology

    Are you a professional appliance repair tech and want to see what this Appliantology thing is all about? Here’s how to get a free sample membership. All you have to do is send in the form below to request a free upgrade to a Trial Tech account. Once we approve your application, you’ll get set up for a one-week membership that will let you see what this site has to offer. What features of the site will the Trial Tech membership give you access to? All of them! For the duration of the trial term, you'll have full access to our tech forum and all of our in-depth technical training webinar recordings. You will also have access to our entire selection of service manual downloads -- the only trial restriction being a limit of 3 downloads per day. Ready to see what Appliantology can do? Submit the form below to sign up. ***Like all of our memberships, the trial membership is only available to professional appliance repair technicians.*** Click here to fill out the form.
  3. Samurai Appliance Repair Man

    Appliantology Tech Membership Options

    From the album: Appliantology Help and Navigation

    See this page for details: https://appliantology.org/blogs/entry/1027-tech-memberships-at-appliantology/
  4. Great news: the annual fee for Professional Appliantologist members will never increase as long as you keep your membership active. That last part is very important for reasons I’ll explain below. The annual fee for new Professional Appliantologist members has increased. This does not affect current members as long they do not allow their membership to expire. The annual fee increase is also great news for prospective new members! Huh? Why? Because it means we are still accepting new members… for now. We came very close to implementing one of two options: Close off new memberships altogether and just keep the site open for existing members as long as they wanted to remain Allow memberships only for Master Samurai Tech Academy students and alumni making Appliantology the on-going support site for the MST community. In the end we decided on a third way: keep the annual fee the same for existing members in perpetuity and still allow new members but at a higher fee. This may discourage membership but that’s okay-- our focus is on quality, not quantity. Master Samurai Tech Academy students with active enrollments(s) (i.e., still working on a course) are currently offered a 10% student discount off Professional Appliantologist membership. That will remain in effect, too. How to Prevent your current Professional Appliantologist membership from expiring An invoice will be automatically emailed to you two weeks prior to your membership expiration. If you want keep your membership at the current fee and you do not have a credit card on file, be sure to pay the invoice right away! If it expires, you’ll need to re-purchase the membership at the new, increased fee. If you’d like to mitigate the risk of your current PA membership running out because you somehow missed the renewal invoice, you can keep a credit card on file with our payment processor, Stripe. Your credit card information is not stored on our server-- it is stored securely on Stripe's server. (Stripe is our payment processor. They are lightyears ahead of Paypal in both security and features and are an Apple Pay certified partner. Their website is here.) Once your card is on file, you will get a reminder email 3 days before the payment is taken. If your card is current, you don't need to do anything and your membership will autorenew. To enter your credit card info, go to Memberships > My Details > Cards and click the yellow "Add New Card" button. Desktop membership menu: Mobile membership menu:
  5. This short little screencast by @Son of Samurai shows you how to renew your Professional Appliantologist membership at Appliantology.org so you can continue to enjoy the many benefits the site provides to professional appliance repair technicians.
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