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The Master Samurai Tech Alumni Program

Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Training at the Master Samurai Tech Academy is already a killer deal: comprehensive, state-of-the-art training that’s online and on-demand at tuition low enough that anyone can afford it.

Well now we’re kicking it up to 11 with the Master Samurai Tech Alumni program.

If you have been certified* in the Core course at the Master Samurai Tech Academy (formerly called the "Fundamentals" course) or earned Master Certification at the Mr. Appliance Academy (Bundle 1 only), you can get full tech access to our tech support site, Appliantology.org, with no annual fee. Yes, as in FREE.

You heard that right.

You would be a Master Samurai Tech Alumnus at Appliantology with the same level of access and all the benefits of a Professional Appliantologist member (read all the benefits of PA membership here). That’s a $197/year value-- FREE!

What’s the catch? No catch but there is a small difference between PA and MST Alumnus membership.

PA members can continue to renew their membership at the annual rate and can download and request all the manuals they need regardless of how much or how little they participate in the forums.

The MST Alumnus membership is also annual but instead of paying with money, you “pay” with participation in the forums. "Participation" here means posts that contribute to the community -- new topics in a repair forums (not manual requests), replies to topics, or file contributions to our Downloads section. The idea here is not to place a burden on you -- it’s just to discourage people from getting the MST Alumnus membership and simply downloading manuals without interacting with the other members.

When your membership expires, all you have to do is write in via the contact form requesting your free Alumnus renewal. We'll review your participation and renew you for another year if we see that you've been contributing to the community. Even as little as one contribution per month can qualify you for renewal.

This really is a killer deal and a special perk for certified Core graduates! Why are we offering such a great deal? Simple:

  • We want to encourage more techs to successfully complete the Core course and get certified. This helps them be better techs and helps the trade in general.
  • Certified Core grads tend to be top tier techs who bring interesting questions and good problem solving insight to the forums. They are skilled techs and potentially valuable content contributors.

This deal is retroactive meaning that if you’re already a certified graduate of the Core (formerly "Fundamentals") course, you are eligible for this deal. If you’re already a PA member and a certified Core grad, we can move you to the MST Alumnus deal.

So how do you get started on this gravy train? Easy: just fill out this short form, we’ll review it and set up your MST Alumnus account here at Appliantology mo’scratchie (that’s Samurai-speak for “quickly”).


* Certified means that you meet all currently required quiz and exam score requirements for the course; see this page for details. 

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  • Team Samurai

Question: "What if I already am a Professional Appliantologist?"

Answer: If you'd like to get moved over to the MST Alumni program, whatever time you have left will be added on to the 1-year term. For example, say you have been a PA member for 8 months. If you switch to the MST Alumni program, you will be an Alumnus member for 1 year and 4 months before you need to renew. Alternatively, you can just wait until your PA membership expires before applying for the Alumnus membership.

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I just read this and I think it's a great idea I've never seen on any other forums.  Surely other people do this don't they?

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  • Team Samurai
Samurai Appliance Repair Man


11 hours ago, Bintiwangu said:

Surely other people do this don't they?

You mean an Alumni program? Nyet, tovarish. You heard it here first. 

Something we're starting to realize is that Master Samurai Tech Academy and Appliantology are both such unique and awesome deals that some people just don't recognize it as such. They think it's too good to be true so it must be a scam. NOT! Both are legit operations with a thousands of graduates and members and offer superb value. That's just how we roll: we always strive to overdeliver on value for services that people purchase from us. This is true online and offline in our local service business. 

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This is an AWESOME DEAL!!!!!!! Not only are we getting the BEST training, from a local NH Business, we are also contributing to a community so we can ALL grow! Not to mention that it's WAY easier to find the service manuals here than on the manufactures websites.

Thanks for all you guys do, and keep up the great work!

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everardo gonzalez


I agree this is a very good deal giving us the opportunity to learn more and more every day. 

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