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WPL D/W Nuisance F8E4 (overflow/leak)

Koi Guy


I went on a Whirlpool dishwasher that was giving the homeowner an intermittent F8E4 error. The F8E4 error is an “overflow” error, which actually is any condition that causes water to exit the unit and spill into the drain pan, this in turn causes the float in the pan to rise up and trigger the float switch, which triggers the board that there is a flood condition. The unit will then exit the cycle and begin the flood sequence of running the drain pump continuously, the display will flash the F8E4, the controls will be locked. Only after the water in the pan has dried up and the switch deactivated will the unit allow use again.

So I know I have a leak. Arrived and customer says the breaker is off because it wouldn’t stop “running”. Powered on and was able to select and begin a normal cycle. Drains, fills, running… I remove kick plate to observe. No leaks or evidence of leak at water valve. None under the sump area- it all looks kinda clean under there. Time to remove the outer door so I could observe. I found no evidence of leaking at vent nor, soap dispenser- but there was a mass of scrud and funk build up on the door gasket and the area in the pan underneath it. The inside of unit was clean and one couldn’t necessarily observe the buildup from just looking down. So I figured I should clean it up, cause that could be an issue. Got the screwdriver and toothbrush out and cleaned it up. Flushed it with hot water. Started a new cycle. Well lo and behold a I think Infixed it. Once I cleaned it I could observe what was happening.

In normal operation there will be some water that gets past the corner gaskets. This water is supposed to route towards the center of tub, in fact it’s sloped on each side towards the center. The water works its way under the door gasket and returns to water pool. What was happening was that there was so much gunk that had collected back there that the water wasn’t making it back under gasket and returning to pool- it would collect at the corners and weep into the overflow funnel.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take take a video of the before, but I didn’t realize what the issue was at that point. But I did take before and after pics, and a video showing the operation after cleaning.

No evidence of leaks.



Massive amount of scrud funkadelic on the left side. Note the indentation of the metal and the white cup that funnels the water to drain pan.



After cleaning.


Right side.



Video of cleaned up and how it’s supposed to work.



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That's good stuff, thanks!

What model is that? Does the control board really mount right next to the dispenser?

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  • Team Samurai
Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Another fantabulous post, @Koi Guy

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Really appreciate you taking the time to post something like this. Nuisance leaks can be a pain to find, especially on these. Now I now exactly where to look first. And really like how you showed how it’s supposed to work and logic behind it.

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@Koi Guy once again , top notch bro!

I read your article and wanted to throw something i have found twice recently with this same code.  Make sure to check the vent on the side, the first time i went out, i couldn't find a leak any where, seals were good, valve was good, ect. Then i found water droplets starting to fall into the drip pan . Some how the vent came loose from the inside and water was leaking out and going down the tubes and into the drip pan. 

Screwed the vent back in and haven't heard from them since!  The second time, same exact thing, i don't know if whirlpool didn't tightened those vent caps on the inside tight enough and when the customer pulls the bottom rack out something is catching it and loosening it further, but both times they were pretty loose and water was getting past the seal. Tightened it up and haven't had a call back yet. Easy money!

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