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[Video] How to Never Get Tripped Up By DC Terminology in Schematics Again

Son of Samurai


DC power in appliances works the same way no matter the manufacturer, but everyone has their own way they like to talk about it. And if you're not up on the lingo, you'll be left mystified by DC circuits in schematics.

You don't have to worry, though, because we explain all kinds of DC terminology in this latest workshop. From VDC to VCC, we cover everything you're likely to encounter in your troubleshooting travels through DC power, including:

  • Terms for DC voltage supplies
  • Terms for DC Ground
  • Data communications
  • Identifying DC loads
  • How to differentiate confusingly similar or identical terms on schematics

...and more!

Give it a watch and never get stumped again. This and our 100+ hours of other technical workshops are all viewable only by premium tech members of Appliantology. Click here to become one today.

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