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Schematics vs. Wiring Diagrams -- Do You Know the Difference?

Son of Samurai


Schematics and wiring diagrams -- two different kinds of service documents that seem similar, but actually serve completely different purposes. One of them is essential to any electrical troubleshooting and should be consulted on every service call, while the other has much more niche applications. But which is which, and how do you tell them apart?

That's what we explore in this workshop, which is an excerpt of the discussion from one of our latest Live Dojo workshops. In it, we go through some examples of both schematics and wiring diagrams (and some documents in-between), exploring their intricacies and uses.

Click below to watch the workshop recording -- viewable only by premium tech members.

Screenshot 2023-10-31 131720.png

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Never thought of it in that concept learnt alot especially as it pertains to the dash lines and relays

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