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So you've used the Super Site Search™ at,, or (it's all the same Google Custom Search engine) and have searched until your eyes are bleeding and dangling from your eye sockets, but still haven't quite found the answer you need. Or posting a topic in the world-famous Appliantology Academy Repair Forums just isn't your style. Or maybe you just have better things to do than spend your precious free-time sifting thru appliance repair search results or interacting in appliance repair forums. Well, the Samurai's Personal Appliance Problem Diagnosis Service may be just what you need.

Unlike sifting through the billions and billions of glittering appliance repair jewels at my web sites or getting help in the Appliantology Academy Repair Forums, the Personal Appliance Problem Diagnosis Service is not free, but is modestly priced at $25 per problem per appliance.

Here's the nitty-gritty:

  1. This program is for diagnosis only; it does not cover implementation of the repair. For example, I diagnose the problem with your washer as a bad pump. I will not then proceed to explain to you in detail how to replace the pump-- our free Appliantology Academy Repair Forums are a much more effective venue for that.
  2. As part of the diagnosis, I may ask you to make a voltage or resistance measurement at a particular component; for example, a continuity measurement on a thermal fuse in your dryer or a voltage measurement on a fan in your refrigerator. If you reply, "How do I do that?" the Personal Appliance Problem Diagnosis Service is not the right venue for you; use the Appliantology Academy Repair Forums.
  3. Since I am not right there at your appliance and I am limited to your information for my diagnosis, I cannot guarantee that my diagnosis will be correct. However, I will make every good-faith effort to make sure that it is. Also, if you purchase the part(s) I recommend thru my site and it doesn't fix the problem, you can return it/them for a refund, less shipping, so your downside risk is limited. Also, I will continue the diagnosis with you at no additional charge.

Consultation venues include: online chats, texting, phone calls, faxes, and emails. The Samurai will supply diagrams, photos and service manuals as available, and personal instruction as needed to help you figure out what's wrong.

Ready to get started? Just make your consultation fee payment and then complete the form below. The Samurai will contact you shortly to begin your Personal Appliance Diagnosis.
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