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Q.  Login problems at Appliantology: forgot password, can’t login, etc.

BTW, there's lots more help on every aspect of using this site, from registering, starting a new topic, replying, setting notifications, searching, using the downloads section, and lots, lots more on the Site Help page.  

Q.  I’m thinking about starting up an appliance repair business but don’t know much about it. Is Appliantology the best place for me to learn the trade?

A.  Appliantology.org is excellent support site for technicians already out there running service calls. But it is not a training site. If you’re new to the trade or an experienced tech who needs to add new skills, you need our training site, the Samurai Tech Academy at MasterSamuraiTech.com.  This screencast gives you a quick tour of the Academy and explains how you can learn the appliance repair trade and become a certified appliance repair technician:

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