Frequently Asked Questions About Using the Appliantology Repair Forums

Q.  How do I post a question to get help?

A.  To post a question and get help, first register to become a Grasshopper (free) and then go to the forum you'd like to post in and look for the black button as shown in the example below (click for larger view, opens in new window):

The Kitchen Appliance Repair Forum - Appliantology Academy-20130301-143245

BTW, there's lots more help on every aspect of using this site, from registering, starting a new topic, replying, setting notifications, searching, using the downloads section, and lots, lots more on the Site Help page.  

Q.  I’m thinking about starting up an appliance repair business but don’t know much about it.  Is Appliantology the best place for me to learn the trade?

A.  The Appliantology forums are excellent for helping you solve specific problems.  But if you’re looking at starting your own appliance repair business or are new in the trade and know you need to learn more, your best resource for this is the Samurai Appliance Tech Boot Camp.  It takes you through a structured, online multi-media learning experience, complete with quizzes so you can test and apply what you’ve learned.  

Q.  How can I download service manuals?

A.  We have a vast and growing repository of appliance repair manuals in the Downloads section of the Appliantology Academy.  In fact, we have so many manuals that we've only posted a tiny fraction of what we actually have available.  But we're working hard behind the scenes to get 'em all available online!  

Downloading privileges is one of the many perks that comes with Apprenticeship at the Academy.  So become an Apprentice today and then head over to the Downloads section and get the service manuals and technical documents you need to get the repair done right!  

Trouble finding the document you need?  No worries!  Just start a new topic in the Appliance Service Manual Request forum and we'll get it to you taco-pronto!  

Q.  Where's the best place to buy appliance parts after I figure out what's wrong?

A. Excellent question!  You can find any part you need by simply using the parts search box, located on this page, top of the right-hand column, or by using the conspicuous and colorful Appliantology Parts Search Boxes in the repair forums.  Best of all, you can return any part for any reason for one full year, even electrical parts that have been installed!  It's insane!  

Also, if you start a new topic in the repair forums, we'll almost always be able to post the link the correct part you need to fix the problem.  

Q.  How can I download an attachment in a post that I'd like to see?

A.  Same deal as downloading service manuals in the Downloads section: Become an Apprentice.  Get the Appliantology Apprentice Advantage today! 

Q.  But I don't want to post a question, I just want to search for stuff.  Can you help me with that?

A.  Ya sure, ya betcha!  We have some powerful search features built into this site that empower you with the ability to find answers to your problems quickly and accurately.  Lemme 'splain it to ya

BTW, that Google site search I mentioned in the screencast above is the very same one that's on this page at the top of the right hand column.  Is that super convenient, er whut?

Q.  Can you give me some basic help or instructions on how to use this forum?

A.  You betcha, compadre!  We have help info for using every feature of this site.  

Q.  But I don't care about using your forum, I was interested in specific appliance repair FAQs!

A.  Okay, even though that's not a question, the Samurai feels your pain and palpitates with you.  Come with me now on a journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment ™ ...

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