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  1. Hello all,       I have a double cavity Wolf oven that is giving me some issues in only the one oven compartment. When you turn on the oven, you can hear the click and the gas begins to release but there is no spark. If you light it with a lighter it will heat up but as soon as it tries to cycle it will not light again. So opened up the unit as I suspected a bad spark module. I accessed both of the spark modules and I swapped the pilot assembly from the oven that won't light to the opposite oven cavity's spark module. As I suspected, the pilot assembly would spark in that spark module so I went to order a new spark module. I had to get the part from  Adco as Sub-Zero informed me that parts for this model are only available from Adco. So Adco explains to me that the original part is no longer made and that it has been replaced by a universal spark module, part # 720384K. The part came with instructions stating that the new spark module needs to have a direct connection to the live (black) end of the main power terminal. Long story short I hooked up this new spark module and you can hear it clicking. But for some reason it will not spark inside the oven cavity. Has anyone had any experience with this spark module? Do I maybe have it hooked up to the wrong power supply and its not getting enough juice to transfer the spark down the pilot assembly? Just kind of at a loss because you can hear and see the spark in the spark module, but it wont transfer down the pilot assembly. I even had a new pilot assembly on me just in case both had gone bad, but the new pilot assembly will not spark as well. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance oh wise ones.
  2. Heavy monogram doors tend to sag with age. GE has a hinge kit for this issue but they also made a 12" x 3" riser grey/silver in color. it was plastic and it mounted on the top of  ff/fz door to better close the light switches. Engineering came out with this as a fix for the problem after seen the problem develop in the field so it didn't come stock on any of the units as far as I know. Anyone know of a list of GE's rework/after market parts or know of the part I am referring to?
  3. Hey, this Stack laundry has a mini manual but for some reason a Klingon must have wrote it. The washer fills partially then the fabric softener light starts blinking, according to  the customer. I was unable to reproduce the problem. I have to figure out if this is a fault code, what it means. She uses the auto water level feature, I'm thinking maybe it's a water level issue? I just cant seem to comprehend the chart in the mini manual. These engineers have a very weird approach to explain things sometimes. I didn't see anything that mentioned the FS light flashing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanx
  4. The display seems to work fine. It shows "open door" when the latch is lifted. touch panel for the most part is unresponsive but occasionally will cause the display to light up with cycle information and a time of "66" but nothing happens and the display goes out after a few seconds. I need service information for this machine. Even the sequence to enter diagnostics would help. The sequence for the diagnostics I found so far do not work as the button labels are quite different. I have three classes of buttons: wash selection, special options and energy saver options. Each has three buttons for a total of nine plus start and cancel/reset.  
  5. i have this dw that has a drying light that blinks when in use. everything is functional and it passed all diagnostics. anyone have any ideas/
  6. I have a model FGGF3076KWB which the touch pads don't always work. Usually it is the 2, 5 and 8 that fail, but other "sets" of buttons exhibit the same symptoms from time to time. While poking around inside for an obvious issue, I had removed the ribbon cables from their outermost connections for inspection. And after reconnecting them all the buttons worked as intended. A few weeks later, the same problem cropped up but it was with different buttons becoming unresponsive. I remove the cables again and cleaned the ends, this time with a pencil eraser. The fix was again on, but for only a month or two. Same fix but this time I used rubbing alcohol to clean the cable ends and also used a small brush with the alcohol to try and clean inside the connectors. Same results-same duration! I wish I could find out what is the root of this problem as I am getting tired of needing to dismantle the control panel every four to eight weeks! Anybody have any insight?
  7. The "on indicator" light stays on when everything is off.  What is the problem?  I am knowledgeable in testing ac and dc circuitry with VOM's.  Any help is appreciated.  Where do I look and what do I look for?    
  8. Having a problem with this unit. 14 months ago I replaced the case assembly & case brake.     Now I am having a drain issue of sorts.    The unit will run a cycle or two then shut down with the delicate light blinking indicating a drain failure.   I checked the drain line for blockage, the case brake is clear.   I reapplied power to unit & initiated a cycle, let it fill & agitate, then cancelled the cycle forcing it to drain.  The drainage seemed weak so I replaced pump.   Let it run a cycle all was well although drain pressure still seemed weak.   Client used DW for a couple of loads & unit shut down in middle of cycle with delicate cycle blinking..   I made another call reset power, unit worked OK.  Filled washer & let run then forced drain several times,, unit drained all water (slowly).   Checked voltage & voltage drop  it was OK.  Left home  Client washed a load it completed cycle..  The next load did not fair so well.   Blinking delicate light before cycle was complete.   Fast tract says problem possibility could be drain pump (new), water level sensor ( I believe is in the case assembly)  or the main PBA  ( the unit working in a cycle or two tends to eliminate this).   Any other tech have this problem or can offer possible solutions.   Thank you  I await replies.  
  9. Noticed last week that the freezer light wasn't on when the door was opened. bought new light . Light not burnt out. Then noticed lots of frost, the door seal was not mating to side, AND noticed the light was lit when the door was closed. Go figure. I'm guessing I need a new seal, but the light reversal is confusing (bad switch right? OR is there something unique going on with all these symptoms?
  10. Hello, I am new to this forum and looking for a little help.   My Bosch WTMC3300US/02 dryer is no longer working.  My wife is peeved and I can't seem to find a solution or even troubleshoot the problem.   The indicator lights all seem to work fine.  I select the cycle, the indicator timer turns on and begins counting down as normal...I even hear the clicking of a relay.   The dryer drum does not rotate and no heat is produced in the unit.  it just sits there with the timer counting down.   Is the motor bad?  Any suggestions on where to begin would be much appreciated!  The sooner the better (before my wife kills me!).   Thank you,   CS
  11. The DD602I bottom drawer works great. The top drawer is frozen; a single beep every second and the delicate lamp is continuously lit, red. Also, the drain pump spins continuously - the drawer is dry. Cut power, wait, restore power, gets the same result. The drawer does not respond to any of the control buttons. It will not enter diagnostic mode. It will not power down, or lock, or enter Option Adjustment Mode, but does beep when buttons are pushed. Everything has been disassembled and cleaned. All the wires are connected. All plumbing is clear. The drawer seal holds air. Bottom drawer has not been removed - assuming the flood switch would disable both drawers. If the pump impeller is removed, and power is reapplied, there is a gentle 'clicking' in/near the stator. I am really stuck without access to the Diagnostic Mode. I would be grateful for any ideas, suggestions, previous experiences and insights. Thank you, David
  12. So a couple of weeks ago the dishwasher stopped working and had 7 blinking lights. I thought the problem was resolved after I replaced the main board -- everything seemed just ducky. Wife happy. Last night no lights, no nothin. I checked the breaker to make sure it had juice. ..yep. So what now? I am to follow power up to?
  13. So a couple of weeks ago the dishwasher stopped working and had 7 blinking lights. I thought the problem was resolved after I replaced the main board -- everything seemed just ducky. Wife happy. Last night no lights, no nothin. I checked the breaker to make sure it had juice. ..yep. So what now? I am to follow power up to?
  14. Morning... After running 10 mins or so the dishwasher stops working and the "clean" light blinks 7 times. In the past my wife has been able to reset the machine by pressing the hi-temp wash and heated dry buttons successfully. Now after doing that same reset process, the dishwasher fails back to blinking light. So what does 7 blinks mean and how to fix it. Also, we have never cleaned any components in the now I should think that might be part of the problem? Thank you!
  15. My side by side Kenmore elite refrigerator model 106.52602100 ice maker does not make ice.  There is water to the back of the refrigerator, wator out the water dispenser in the front door, no water in the tray, the blades are not turning, and there is no red light emitted in the closed position.
  16. Hello Again Keepers of Wisdom.   Operation theory has got me again as I try to understand why my oven goes thru the purge cycle, igniter glows but not enough gas seems to come on to light the oven burner. I smell gas, open the broiler door, manually light it, (Very Small Flame) couple of minutes later we're good to go.   I need somebody to do some "splainin' " to me.   Many Thanks, As always...You're the best!
  17. Hi All,   I am a new to the forum but hope someone can help! I have a Bosch WTMC3300US/01 Front Loading Dryer. Previous to moving houses, the dryer turned on and ran, but the heating element would not turn on. Upon arriving at our new house, I decided to do some Googling and then tear into the dryer and see if I could get it running. I read online that there is a sensor on the heating element that if it gets overly filled with lint/dust, it would detect essentially a fire hazzard and stop functioning. I started by vacuuming it all out and using compressed air in every nook of the dryer, the inside is now spotless.   I re-assembled the dryer and turned it on, and upon pressing any mode, the door locks (loud click) but then it never begins spinning or anything, it just sits. The time on the LED display shows the correct times, but they do not appear to count down. If you cancel the cycle, the lint filter light blinks. I took this as a sign, and opened the lint filter drawer and vacuumed it out as well, to ensure it was clean. It to, is now very clean. I also reached inside the exhaust vent and vacuumed it out, though not a lot came out.   I am still getting the same problems. I entered the diagnostics menu found in this thread, but I couldn't retreive any error codes. I did get some of the diagnostics menus to work (such as the LED tests), so I know I was doing that part correctly. I read online about a similar problem, found here ( ), but I'd much rather take advice from a forum like this. If it does sound like that sensor, could someone direct me to somewhere I could buy it? I searched my model number and found a few parts websites, but I have no clue which is reputable. Sorry if some of these questions are very basic. I have pretty good knowledge with electronics and wiring, but I have never done any dryer-related repairs. I am confident, however, that I can replace components, etc, in a dryer. Thanks in advanced!
  18. Light At The End Of The Tunnel

    From the album Samurai's Photo Albums

    Keep hope alive!
  19. Serviced a icemaker with the optic sensing boards that quite working suddenly.   This unit is a fishing vacation home on the water.  Homeowners turns off refrigerator when away at main home.   IM worked for a couple of days this week then quit.  At same time light in FF went out.  Bulb is good they screwed it into freezer section it works.   I found the water inlet tube froze solid from IM into ceiling of unit.   1St thing was to steam it out.  Then I performed a optic diagnose, checks good.  Next I did the sequence for unplugging & jumping T-H & pluged unit back in per diagnostic instruction.  IM cycled in harvest mode, pulled jumper, finished cycle filling IM with water.  Looked for any water dripping from tube to indicate a failing valve.   waited the 5 minutes & board IF light checks out everything is good.    So Ice production should resume.   W ill call customer in morning to verify everything is good.   What I don't understand is that the FF section light is working again.   Can some maybe explain that?
  20. I have seen this problem a couple times but have never seen a fix for it. What happens is on power up the ice machine runs through the rinse cycle and then goes into ice production mode. . . for a few seconds, then drains the water from the troph. I've seen them with bad wiring connections at the troph sensor and low freon levels as well that I suspected. A buddy of mine says that he had one do this after taking the hoses loose off of the drain pump and then not getting it back on correctly. Can anyone explain what is going on to make the water empty out a few seconds into the ice production mode?   This last one that i'm fighting with has a full evap frost and no water in the troph when I got there and the clean/reset indicator light was red but i'm not sure what that really means. Is that light a timed light or an error light? The tech sheet was missing so I didn't put it into diag since I couldn't interpret the results other than the obvious pump running, fan running, "smart" valve letting water in (I won't use the word working here), compressor running. . .
  21. Going to service a GU2300..... type 2. Its a cottage so customer didnt have complete model number.   Normal light is flashing but it wont do anything else. Would like a service manual or at least how to reset. Customer already tried turning off the breaker.   Thanks
  22. I've seen two ice machines with this problem. They have been cleaned and the "clean" indicator light stays on. Also, It can not be put into clean mode again. On/off switches work. both run and make ice, though one has low production. 
  23. G.E. M/W....M# JVM2070SH01

    Got the unit apart.....Unit has three plastic buttons.... They push another button on a small board, ( key module p/n WB07x10725 )...........  small board is held in place by two small plastic fingers on the control panel sub-assy ( p/n WB07X10733 )............. One of the small plastic fingers broke off of said control panel.....I sez, " No problemo, stylish American woman, I will get ya a new control panel ordered up"..........Get back to the office and found said part.....After picking myself off the floor and rechecking the price,........... About 400.00 clam$.....Control panel only........ I inform the customer, after she gets up from the floor , she said "I want some light to cook by".....O.K.  Plan 'A'...Replace panel, P/L $575....... Plan 'B'..New O.T.R. unit  P/L $475....... Plan 'C'.. new counter top M/W unit and a new vent hood..P/L $ 480....... OR I tell her, I got a Plan 'R'...Let me try and fix the broken panel...... O.K.  she sez. "Fix-It".... Take panel back to the warehouse work bench, which happened to be a chest freezer that day...... Found some parts, did some drilling..   ....   ....Broken finger and new holes...   ......   .......   ....Best part is that the buttons now work and only for $ 95 Clam$.... .         .   .
  24. Customer has GE dishwasher just out of warranty.  DW powers up, when wash cycle activated light blinks & does not fill with water.  Anything to look for out of norm.  Being new I am sure to find tech sheet in unit some where.   Customer called help line & the help he received was: 1) unplug unit wait 5 minutes & plug back in, 2) when nothing happened to reset, was told they would send someone out for $80 to diagnose, then charge by hour to repair plus parts.   Did not set well with customer ( does not want to pay GE anymore money) so he called me rather pay some one local. Would like to go in smelling like a rose & leave same way.   Edited Model # GLDT696TSS-00
  25. G.E. microwave.......JVM2070SH01

    Just gotta figure out how to get the control panel off to check the light buttons.Has an motor drive door vent on top, don't wanna break it.........