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  1. Good evening master techs. A while back my Neptune TL washer's control panel was acting very peculiar after only a couple of normal years use. Some of the LED's did not light, but the machine beeped when you pushed the related button; it took on a psycho personality changing cycles at will. The thing even started in the middle of the night without human contact so I pulled the machine from the laundry room and moved it to the "I'll fix it one of these days" area of my garage. Well, "one of those days" just came up (five years later). After reading every related post I could find here, and elsewhere, I concluded it must be the control panel. The little voice in my head kept telling me to read out the old panel first, but there was too much evidence presented via the forums so I ordered a new panel (open box for $50 on eBay). I installed the new part within hours of its arrival and voilà, all the lights lit up. Happy, happy, happy! I moved the machine to the driveway to give it a test run just to make sure all those years of sitting didn't wreck the clutch or gaskets and when I plugged it in again the same lights were out. After going back to the posts, the new conclusion was that the control board must be bad. I found out a new board is a little more than I was willing to invest so i turned to my old friend eBay again and bought one for cheap. While waiting on that part to arrive I couldn't let go of the coincidence of two panels having the exact same issue so I broke down and read out the ribbon cable on the old panel with my meter. Low and behold there was no issue with the old panel. I pulled the board and started looking at the ribbon cable connector and it seemed the clips were not very tight. I know the locking clip is supposed to push the clips tight when fully depressed, but what if it didn't work as designed? The techs here have put the screws to the engineers of this machine so it became necessary to dig deeper. I manipulated the clips with a jeweler' screwdriver until they tightened up to what I felt was sufficient. Now with tightened up clips and everything back together the machine is purring along nicely in the "test bay". I may add a layer or two of clear nail polish to the non contact side of the ribbon cable before returning the machine to service just to add a little thickness and enhance the gripping force of the locking clip. I hope this helps others get a jump on troubleshooting their control panel issues and save a few bucks, if possible. I knew the importance of troubleshooting on the machine and not the Internet, but I guess I got a little lazy and wound up spending money that could have been spent on better things.
  2. Dear Samurai, I have an Whirlpool R/F and its not making ice.Model#WRF990SLAM00.There is ice buildup on back wall,below icemaker.I wanted to see if anybody has instructions on how to install heater for fill tube and/or other tips on this unit. Thank you, SAMANERA
  3. Dear Samurai, I have a gas range model# JPG975SEK2SS.The front left and rear left burners will work for a while and then it makes a poof sound and goes out.They sometimes do this and stay lite, and other times  you have to restart them.Also near the front left control it gets hot.The other burners on this unit work fine.Could you please tell me what you think? Sincerely, SAMANERA
  4. DEAR SAMURAI, I have a GE dishwasher Model# GSD5750FOCC.It has water left in it at end of cycle.I have replaced the circulation pump with new drain solenoid because it was leaking,and still doesn't drain out completely.There is a separate drain pump on this model and when powered on it drains.However it doesn't stay on long enough.Part of my problem is understanding this unit.I have also replaced the check valve as well.I could sure use some help and tips please. SAMANERA
  5. ge front loader wont drain have checked all drain hoses, pulled pump out had a little bit of lint in it,cleaned out same,10.5 ohms across motor terms which is in tolerance,making loud humming sound in drain mode,any other checks i can do before spending 140 on new pump 
  6. tech sheet

    i need a tech sheet for frontloader mod wcvh6800j1ww thx in advance for any help
  7. overfill

    washer wont stop filling machine ,bad valve?
  8. I am searching for the service manual for a Maytag Neptune, Mod # FAV6800AWW   THANKS
  9. Hello, I am requesting a service manual for the mod no. LGUB2642LF2 refrigerator. I appreciate your work. Thanks.
  10. kenmore sxs

    Looking for a service manual and/or service manual for kenmore refrig. 363.9542651. Appreciate your help.
  11. Howdy all Ive got a 39 Frigidaire mod # is 540033 with R 114 refrigerant. Is R 114 at all available anymore, is there a suitable replacement or am i doomed for a rebuild if the system goes down ? It works OK now but id rather stay ahead of the game as age seems to make things a lot worse, except for SN Celebration Ale
  12. Hello, I just wanted to get a second opinion on this NEPTUNE TL FAV6800AWW. All the push buttons on the console work and all of them light up, door latch locks, and you can put it into any function you want, but when you hit start, nothing happens it just sits there doing nothing in the current cycle. No error codes whatsoever. I tried to service cycle to spin test and it acts like it wants to from the control end, but there doesn't seem to be any output to any of the other systems. My guess is the control board due to non existent output. Anything else I should check? There isn't a leak for the machine. Thanks for your input!