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  1. Looking for the touch panel calibration sequence for this model to "sync" it with control. Thanks
  2. Hi everybody. Having a hell of a time with this oven. original complaint: display intermittently on. 1st service call: display not on. Getting power to board. Send board into and have it repaired. Also decide to replace transformer since second winding is out of range (tech sheet say winding should be 2-4 ohms and i'm getting like 8-9. Other winding is good at 95 ohms. (original part #4451891. replacement part #9760587) 2 weeks later, i've got the fixed board and transformer in hand. 2nd Service call-Install transformer, Install board, everything looks good, display is on. Fire up bake on both ovens. No heat. End up tracing it to no power at L2. Go check breaker and realize its not fully seated. Seat breaker. (Please note that i was flipping breaker on and off at all appropriate times) Go back to oven, press bake-default 350, then go to press start and nothing. Start button not functioning. I somewhat jiggle ribbon connector (although i believe it to be fully seated) while pressing start and OVEN STARTS! Getting hot! Nice! Press cancel. Try to start again, start button not working. "jiggle" trick never works again. Flip breaker try to seat ribbon again, still doesn't work. ALSO, about half the touch panel buttons are not working at this point. No 'diode' test given in tech sheet. For the hell of it i decide check transformer windings . Replacement windings 65 ohms and 9 ohms. Tech sheet specifies 95 ohms and 2-4 ohms i believe. Is this crucial??? and could have possibly burned the diodes out?? Last piece to this nightmare is that i notice a little piece of 'shrapnel' on the female-board side ribbon connector. Thinking maybe it was preventing the ribbon connector from fully making contact, i kind of prod at it with a dental pick and realize that its like a little 'silver?' coating of the connector pins. and it scrapes off..... Customer not happy that he's got to fork over another $200 for a new touch panel now, and i'm HOPING that when i go back there, the touch panel even fixes it! AND that it will make contact with the ribbon connector even... SO... I guess my question pertain to the transformer and any ill affect the replacement could have on board or touch panel.  AND, whether or not the ribbon will still conduct/make contact without the fine silver layer on metal tab, and if theres a possible fix/substance i can lay on there if the problem persists with new touch panel installed? it seems actually soldering something so small would be out of my skill set.. Sorry if this has been a run-on ramble ..... Just trying to remember everything as it happened.... Thanks, -Josh
  3. Version


    Schematic PUB 318550155 Tech Sheet PUB 318127078
  4. File Name: Electrolux EW30ES65GSE Range Schematic and Tech Sheet File Submitter: Samurai Appliance Repair Man File Submitted: 25 Oct 2014 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Schematic PUB 318550155 Tech Sheet PUB 318127078 Click here to download this file
  5. Samsung fridge Mod# rs2530bsh hot to touch in between door where gasket lays. i have the service man, on page 101 it shows that the hot pipe part of the compressor system runs there. I cheeked the evap coils they are frosting perfect, when I've seen this problem in past it has always been a system fault. lacking a system fault I need to ask how do I fix this issue or if it can be fixed. the hot pipe is running about twice as hot as it should. thank you brm   i tryed to upload Samsung - Refrig - RS2530BSH - BWW - Ser Man. but it says its to big
  6. Bosch diswaher that has power but the contol pad won't respond. The clean light is on and quick wash cycle is lite. Buttons won't responde to change cycles and it won't start. I replace the touch pad control board and it started to work but then it wouldn't complete the quick wash cycle, drain just kept running till final it had to be turned off. After replaceing the board the controls were responsive until I ran the quick was cycle. Now it's unresponsive again. Now I'm thinking maybe I needed to replace the lower control board. What would you thoughts be on this problem. I've checked water limit switch, thinking it might be stuck but that wasn't the problem.
  7. Maytag Gemini Range Control Board

    From the album Ovens, Ranges, Stoves

    The board assembly shown is for model number MGR6772BDB. Buy parts for your range with a 365-day return policy here ==>
  8. File Name: Electrolux Freestanding Electric Range - Wave Touch and Icon File Submitter: kdog File Submitted: 05 Mar 2012 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Electrolux Wave Touch and Icon Freestanding Range EW30EF65GSH.pdf Service Manual Models, but not limited to: CEI30EF5G CEW30EF6G EI30EF55G EW30EF65G EW30IS65JS Tech Data 318127067.pdf Click here to download this file
  9. Version PDF


    Electrolux Wave Touch and Icon Freestanding Range EW30EF65GSH.pdf Service Manual Models, but not limited to: CEI30EF5G CEW30EF6G EI30EF55G EW30EF65G EW30IS65JS Tech Data 318127067.pdf
  10. The start buttom on my dishwasher does not work all the time. I looked on line for a part number and came up with two different ones (WD34X10596 and WD34X10603). From what I can see in the photo they look the same. Any Idea what the difference is or which one I would need? Also, can the problem go deeper than just the touch pad? I can get it to work by playing around with it. Thanks in advance for your help. Lenny