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  1. I have a french door whirlpool refrigerator. Customer stated the water started randomly spraying water out of the dispenser-nobody was near the refrigerator. Now water dispenser doesn't work, ice dispenser doesn't work and ice maker quit. When put in diagnostics none of them worked either. No error codes nothing. Any ideas? I checked the wiring at the hinge cover -all connected and no broken wires. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all, I find myself once again with water dispenser failure. I previously beat a frozen water line into submission with your kind assistance. (Read the riveting story here This time seems to be a valve issue, however. Here's why I think so, and what I've done so far: Firstly, both the water and the ice maker have stopped producing, whereas before I only lost water. Also, I have pulled the water line loose directly from the outgoing side of the valve in back of the fridge (near the coils and canister), and cannot get water flow from there when depressing the switch for the dispenser. Other info: I knew trouble was a-brewin a few months ago, when I started hearing a sputtering / chattering racket when the valve would kick open for the ice maker. At the time, I had just installed one of those "bargain" AquaFresh brand filters, so I chalked it up to that, or a bit of air in the line. I've since gone back to the the GE brand, but obviously this was not the cure. The issue persists either with the filter or the bypass plug installed. So, down to the actual questions: 1. Did the off-brand filter possibly cause this failure, or is it just coincidence? 2. Should I go ahead and replace the valve, or is there something else I should check first?
  3. Hey, this Stack laundry has a mini manual but for some reason a Klingon must have wrote it. The washer fills partially then the fabric softener light starts blinking, according to  the customer. I was unable to reproduce the problem. I have to figure out if this is a fault code, what it means. She uses the auto water level feature, I'm thinking maybe it's a water level issue? I just cant seem to comprehend the chart in the mini manual. These engineers have a very weird approach to explain things sometimes. I didn't see anything that mentioned the FS light flashing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanx
  4. Hey, guys. The top half of my agitator doesn't move with the rest of it. It just spins freely if I turn it by hand.  I'm using an old Whirlpool LSR8233EQ1 I found an old thread saying it's the agitator dogs. It's from 2008, so I don't want to bump it. Do you agree and is that a job that a guy can do with zero experience? (I can work on my car, so I'm familiar with the concept of mechanical repair.)
  5. I have not seen this model / style dispenser before and can not figure out how to remove / access the actuator paddle? The paddle is sticking on. You can pull out to shut it off. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  6. LG LSC27937 Refrigerator Dispenser Removal

    From the album Refrigerator Repair

  7. I have a GE Monogram Refrigerator, model ZISP4800TASS, manufactured in 2007.  This is the built-in model, double door stainless steel.  A water and ice dispenser is located in the freezer door.  Selector buttons on the dispenser control panel enable you to choose between water, crushed ice, cube ice, or to lock the dispenser.  The dispenser has started to randomly turn itself on, dispensing either water or ice, depending on the dispenser control panel selector button that was last used.  The dispenser does not shut itself off.  I can turn it off by depressing the lock button on the panel or by opening the freezer door.  For now, I have disconnected the dispenser wiring connector assembly running from the top of the refrigerator into the freezer door, and have turned off the water supply.     I have seen some threads on the Internet with others having a similar problem with different GE refrigerator models, but not this model.  Sounds like the issue is either in the micro switch or in the control panel, both being in the dispenser.   A few questions if someone can help. 1. Anyone have experience with this? 2. Thoughts on the micro switch or the control panel?  Since it is random, a repair person told me it may be condensation periodically occurring in the micro switch shorting out randomly, whereas if it was in the control board, the problem would likely be continual and not random. 3. This unit does not have a bezel around the outside of the dispenser.  So I am not sure if the dispenser can be removed from the front, or if the stainless door panel has to be removed first.  Anyone know? 4. If the stainless door panel has to be removed, can it be done without removing the whole freezer door?   I live out in the boonies and can't seem to find a repair company willing to come out to fix it.  Unfortunately, GE has been no help. I'm generally a do-it-myself person and am willing to give this a go.   Thanks Marty
  8. Water dispenser continues to get air into the system causing long delays for the water to dispense. Customer has had a filter bypass installed since day one. When the water dispenser is not used for a length of time there is a lot of air that gets pushed through before any water is dispensed. I don't see water leaking inside or out. I suspect the filter head (Part number: 67001669 ) may be faulty. Anyone run across this scenario?
  9. I just want to confirm that I need to order the ice door kit (part# Part number: AP3595356 ).  I rebuilt this when the ice dispenser lever got soft and wouldn't press on the pressure switch (??) enough to dispense ice.  Got that working, but after replacing the lever and putting it back together the inside of the dispenser started frosting up.  I am assuming it is because air is leaking past the ice door.  Did I not put everything back together right?  Is there a cheaper fix?   Thanks in advance.
  10. i cant find this information online without somebody trying to charge me, which is fair enough but money is currently a major issue. All i know is the 8255e specific dogs(1648928) are $50 a 4pack versus $3 ton $5 for the 80040 kit. an answer will be met with profuse gratitude  
  11. I got this call a few weeks back and suspect there may be a problem with the ice chute door not fully closing or not fully retracting. I searched posts and downloads related but didn't come up with something in my limited search experience.   Is anyone familiar with ice crystals forming in the door bin that stores the ice? Maybe from a stuck door or a poor gasket or something? This one has the auger in the door and the eyes on the inside of the cabinet. Suggestions? Domo!
  12. Maintenance for Water Softener?

    We installed a Kenmore Genius II water softener 10+ years ago, and with the exception of refilling it with salt every so often (actually I use the potassium chloride) I've completely neglected it.  And it hasn't really complained - as far as I know, it is quietly humming along doing its thing.  The water pressure in the house might be less than it was 10 years ago, it's kind of hard to know for sure.   This last time as I refilled it, I noticed a sticker inside the lid telling me how to clean the nozzle and venturi, and it got me wondering if that was something I was supposed to be doing every so often.  Which, in turn, got me wondering if there was other maintenance I was supposed to be doing every so often.   And should I run a hardness test on the water to see if it is in fact doing its job?   Thanks for all advice, Chris   p.s. The input is city water (chlorinated etc.), if that makes a difference.  
  13. I have had a Kenmore Water Softener, model 625.383560 for a couple years now. Constant problems have forced me to add a Kenmore Iron Filter, model AIF10.  My question is this and it is probably a dumb one. Being the IF will come just after the pump and before the WS during the Iron Filter setup, I am to purge the water line to house and flush pipes, expel air from filter and test installation for leaks. The bypass valve must be in the "bypass" position on the IF. I then open some faucets in the house. Eventually once faucets appear free from air, the bypass valve is returned to the "service" position.  My question is "what about the Water softener during this time?" Is it also in Bypass Mode?  Seems like it would have to be. Am I correct?
  14. I need your help Sifu.   Our Ice make broke a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  Now it has returned and I am fixing it.  The solenoid and ice maker where both broken and replaced.  Now I have ice in the bucket and would love to get it from the door.  The water on the door works, but when you change it to ice and push the button, it makes a humming noise, but the door flapper does not open.  Ice does get in the chute behind the door.   Thank you for your knowledge.
  15. The problem is that the liquid HE detergent in our LG front loading washing machine is not dispensing.  I have checked that the water inlet lines are clear and that the filters and screens over the inlet valves are also clear.  Also, by removing the dispenser drawer with the machine running I can see that water is entering the detergent cup from above.  The little holes in the water dispenser over the detergent drawer do not seem to be at all gummed up or clogged. When I put watered down detergent in the cup up to the top of the regular level fill line, it looks to me as much of it remains at the bottom the dispenser, which fills to the brim and overflows into the machine.   Any suggestions?
  16. I am a Grasshoper member and feel mention this.  Our washer after 17 years had the agitator lift up with the shaft attached.  We opened the transmission cover. Lost  the oil but saw that their was never and I will say this twice, NEVER had part Number 215581 in this transmission.  There were no broken parts inside.  We have installed one, it was a perfect fit.  It had one side that slid perfectly into the indentation on the transmission and completely secured the shaft.  No longer could the agitator be lifted out of the tub.  YEA!!!  Hear me on this please.  Many parts retailers said a serial 22 should not need and never had this part at it manufacture.  So why did I need this NOW?  I haven't started it up yet as I am waiting for the adhesive sealer to dry.  I feel everything will be fine because the machine worked perfectly before I discovered the agitator not being correct.  A service company actually told me to get rid of it as it needed a new transmission, brake and something else.  This site was my best help on fixing our much beloved washer.  I didn't care if it was older (17) years. be cause before this one I had one for much longer and only sold it cause I wanted a new feature.  Hope other readers will be helped out.

    This machine has been a real headache... the short water harness with an attached relay and the primary water valve were replaced because they were bad. I don't know what caused the relay to go bad but the valve had a crack in the body and was leaking! Now the water dispenser is not dispensing water. Can anyone tell me where to look next???  Pleaase tell me it's not the control board... Thanks for your time
  18. I'm working on about a four year old side by side refrigerator.  When the ice dispenser is activated the flapper opens and closes in a split second.  I've changed the main control board,  the dispenser touch pad, and the module that contains the flapper and solenoid.  I still have the same problem.  I'm not able to find the service manual for this refrigerator.  The water dispenser is working OK.  Help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.  0n
  19. Hi, I REALLY need help, please!  Model no.: PSS26MSWASS Serial no.: LM436265   Right now, the fresh food and freezer compartments are not cooling at all.   Let me list the order in which things broke:   1. First, the water and ice dispenser stopped working. The lighted buttons for "crushed ice," "water," etc. would still light up, but as soon as you tried to dispense into a glass, the lights would shut off and nothing would happen.   2. Next, the ice maker stopped working.    3. Then, the entire cooling system stopped working.   4. The refrigerator would periodically make a clicking sound, the condenser fan did not work, and the compressor was hot, so I checked the start relay. The start relay did rattle, so I replaced that part.    5. When I plugged the refrigerator back in, it turned on, but the condenser fan moved EXTREMELY slowly. It was difficult to tell if it was even moving at all. Of course, the water/ice dispenser still wouldn't work.   6. My dad thought he was smelling a slight burning smell (although I didn't smell anything...) and figured that since the condenser fan wasn't working, it should just be left unplugged.    7. So, is it true that if the condenser fan isn't running properly, the entire cooling mechanism won't work? I guess it won't speed up as it goes along, will it...? :/ So we are at a loss for what to do next...   Please help me!!!  Thank you SO much! You are awesome!
  20. Hi,     I'm trying to install a water dispenser heater on GE fridge, GSH25JSXNSS.  After removing the screws from the housing it moves slightly, but seems as though there is a catch on the lower right side that prevents its removal.  I've watch a few videos on it and none had this issue.   I tugged gently and not so gently, out, and down, pried on the side. I don't see any reason why it will not come free.        Can you help me get this thing removed? Should I worry that I'm going to break something important?    Thanks for your help   Sincerely,    Jeff Mohler
  21. Version Evernote enex ZIP


    Service bulletin from Electrolux on how to diagnose these mult-coil water inlet valves. Although an Electrolux bulletin, the principles apply many other brands. Evernote enex ZIP
  22. File Name: How to Properly Diagnose a Water Valve- Single, Triple, and Quadruple Solenoid Valves File Submitter: Samurai Appliance Repair Man File Submitted: 16 Nov 2014 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Service bulletin from Electrolux on how to diagnose these mult-coil water inlet valves. Although an Electrolux bulletin, the principles apply many other brands. Evernote enex ZIP Click here to download this file
  23. I have a Whirlpool refrigerator (GS6NBEXRQ01} that makes ice ok but the ice bin is freezing up so it does not dispense ice. I have changed the flap in the chute but when I went to change the motor that closes the flap I had my problem. The tray that holds the water dispenser has two screws holding it. That tray looks like it has to come out in order to have enough room to feed the motor wire connector down to the control board located at the bottom of the dispenser unit. When the screws are removed the tray still doesn't move to allow the necessary room. What am I doing wrong to move that tray? Thanks
  24. Version


  25. File Name: Whirlpool Refrigeration Product Introductions 2005 SxS Refrigerator Advanced Dispenser System File Submitter: Samurai Appliance Repair Man File Submitted: 31 Oct 2014 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Models: GS6NBEXR, GF6NFEXR, KSRN25FR, KSRF25FR, KSRT25FR PUB UD27-01 Click here to download this file