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  1. Customer is complaining that washer will fill with water and then shuts down, not very familiar with this machine so any input would be greatly appreciated,
  2. Washer spins and pumps and fills with water.  When it fills it stops at the right level and doesn't do anything.  Lid switch locks and seems to be working as it does spin.  Jumped the water level switch and does nothing.  Looking for the manual, any ideas until then would be appreciated.   Doc
  3. I have a LG WM2301HW front load washer that has worked flawlessly until the last few days.  Actually the washer continues to perform flawlessly thru the wash & spin cycles; however after the washer alerts me the cycle is finished and I remove the clothes from the washer the *drum begins to fill up with **water. The drum will continue to fill up until it reaches the bottom portion of the drum opening.     * If I remove clothes immediately after cycle finishes there is no standing water ** see images at   thanks in advance for your help
  4. The complaint on this machine is all cycles & all temperature the water fills with hot water.   I don't think it is the cold water solenoid, rather the electronic temperature switch.  Is there a way to test this switch?  Also I read somewhere, I don't remember where, how to test the load sensor switch.   I replaced those for spin, dead, and agitate issues, really by trial & error.  If someone can lead the way...
  5. Kenmore quiet guard 3 dishwasher (about 7 years old) Will fill when first started but as it goes on washing it will not fill. I just hear a grinding motor sound like it is trying to fill. I open it up, it is hot inside, no water inside and if I pour water inside it will continue to wash. I have to do this every time I hear the noise until it finishes. MOD 665 16023402 SER FS4403169
  6. No motor status light is visible, lid switch ok, power at orange wire at motor. Bad motor?
  7. LG LDS5811WW dishwasher E1 error code

    Got a weird one with this LG dishwasher M/N LDS5811WW, S/N 605KW00710.  When starting a cycle, the unit fills with water and then about halfway through the fill, turns on the drain pump, emptying the basin.  Instead of stopping, it keeps right on running, turning off the drain pump after emptying the basin and then powering up the vario motor as if it's going to wash some dishes.  Eventually it throws the E1 error code because the basin is empty.     It's not a siphoning issue because it's actually powering up the drain pump to empty the basin while the filling at the same time.     Inspected the wire loom in the door.  They were stuck in black pitch material but none appeared broken.     I don't know if I'm dealing with a flakey float switch or a bad control board.  Hoping Brother John, our resident Dean of LG Appliantology, can cast some pearls of wisdom my way.     Domo!  
  8. I have seen this problem a couple times but have never seen a fix for it. What happens is on power up the ice machine runs through the rinse cycle and then goes into ice production mode. . . for a few seconds, then drains the water from the troph. I've seen them with bad wiring connections at the troph sensor and low freon levels as well that I suspected. A buddy of mine says that he had one do this after taking the hoses loose off of the drain pump and then not getting it back on correctly. Can anyone explain what is going on to make the water empty out a few seconds into the ice production mode?   This last one that i'm fighting with has a full evap frost and no water in the troph when I got there and the clean/reset indicator light was red but i'm not sure what that really means. Is that light a timed light or an error light? The tech sheet was missing so I didn't put it into diag since I couldn't interpret the results other than the obvious pump running, fan running, "smart" valve letting water in (I won't use the word working here), compressor running. . .
  9. MAH4000AWW,

    Fills with water then "on lights goes out" you have to press the start button again and fills with more water but no movement on the drum. possible bad motor (10 A fuse out maybe} is draining Ok. possible mad machine control or new conversion motor kit ?????????? thank you for any answer......
  10. A manual & or tech for this GE washer.  Fills & drains Nothing in between.    Inverter motor has no LED lit.    Does not seem to have a fuse in wiring.
  11. well just replaced the motor in this washer. cleaned out the pump. put it back together and the washer fills and thats it. doesnt spin,drain anything to do with washing
  12. May I have a manual for this frigidaire please.   Customer called & says machine will fill & drain, motor hums she thinks.  No agitate or spin.
  13. Cutomer complaint, fills @ drains, no agitation.  Is a manual available?  have call in 3 hours.
  14. I have a GE Front load washer ( WSSH300G0WW) It fills with water then stops the cycle. This is happening intermittenly but getting worse. To get out of this I have to put the washer in spin, drain the water, then start the cycle again and hope it works. Need a direction or insight on how to troubleshoot this. thanks
  15. Just replaced an entire tub assembly in this machine, now when i run it, it starts ok, fills ok, agitates ok, but the timer sometimes wont advance. when it does advance to its first spin cycle, the machine keeps filling and draining at the same time??? When you advance the timer to the final spin position, the machine spins, and wont finish the cycle either...Also the door lock takes a really long time to unlock when the timer is shut off. all these things started immediately after replacing the entire tub assembly a little background info. this machine is at a lake lot, with water issues. when i unhooked the machine the hot valve screen was 100% blocked with sediment, the pump is very noisy (customer asked me to return with a new pump). when i swapped the tub i laid the washer on its side. could something have come loose in the chamber where the pressure switch hose connects to and is cause this stuff to happen? is that possible? basically im asking if a bad pump can cause these issues in this type of machine?
  16. Greetings.. This kenmore is less than two years old. We never really thought it worked right from the start, (clothes at times wet after spin) The latest issue is the instant agitation while washer begins it's fill at a start of a wash. Though it will go through the wash cycle - after final spin, for about 10 seconds, water is dumped on the spun clothes. So they are left wet after the cycle ends. I then use the spin cycle on the "Hand wash" mode to fully spin the water out of the clothes. It is only in this cycle that water isn't dumped on the clothes. After enough research, it looks to be the auto load sensing switch With a superceeded part number of W10292584, my guess is this is a modification of a problematic device. I am going to give that a try, but your sage thoughts on this is appreciated. I am aware also of the hose that goes back to the control circutry. A bit of explanation on how that works, is also helpful.