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  1. Hi, Why is my GE refrigerator model# GTS18KCMARBB defrost drain/line continually freezing, resulting in leaking water from freezer into lower 'fridge? My GE refrigerator model# GTS18KCMARBB is leaking water from the freezer into the lower 'fridge. I unclogged the freezer defrost line about a month ago and the leaking stopped. But the leaking has continued and after opening the back of the freezer I found that the defrost drain was once again filled with ice. I will unclog it like I did the last time but would like to not have to do it again in 1-2 months. Is the entire drain line to the drain pan clogging? If so, can I do anything with the drain line such as modify any attachments to it such as a grommet (if there is one)? Is there something malfunctioning rather with the defrost timer? Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Sincerely, Tim
  2. GE FUF20DTCRWH Freezer Minimanual View File PUB 31-51604 Submitter Samurai Appliance Repair Man Submitted 02/09/2016 Category Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper
  3. GE FUF20DTCRWH Freezer Minimanual

    Version 1.0.0


    PUB 31-51604
  4. I have an Amana ABD2233DES refrigerator with a bottom mount freezer. Fridge compartment was warm, compressor was running and the damper was open no air was coming in. Fridge had some ice on the center-rear of its floor (like where the cold air should have been coming up from the freezer compartment. Freezer had a lot of ice frost buildup on coils.  Thanks to the videos I discovered the tech sheet and put it into service test mode. Defrost Thermostat was S" for open. I observed the damper door opening and closing. I put it into forced defrost mode. Compressor shut off and the defroster heating rod came on. There was so much ice I had to go through about 7-8 forced defrosts and I used a heat gun to melt.  I have ordered a new jazz board. My question is: While I am waiting for my board I need to continue to use the fridge and I'd rather not have to throw away any more food!  My plan is just to force defrost at least 1x per day. But then I realized that I have no idea if that will be enough! I guess I never really noticed/paid attention to the defrost cycles before so how do I know if the defrost cycle is continuing to fail to initiate on its own? About how often does a fridge operating properly, defrost? If I find that there is a bunch of frost buildup and/or the fridge isn't keeping cool - can someone point me to the way to do a longer/deeper forced defrost? Is doing manual forced defrosts until my board shows up in a week a wise strategy? thanks all,  Steve
  5. I am starting my first refrigerator diagnostics adventure.  Yeah me... I have a 23' Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator (model 596 58392 890 - about 10 years old). Recently, the food in the freezer has shown softness.   Putting thermometers in the freezer shows it is not cold enough - the temperature is normally 18-20 F during normal operation, but at times (defrost cycle, I believe) it rises to 40 F.   Not good.   The refrigerator side stays constant around 38 F.    I have adjusted the settings to the coldest I can, but no avail.  I removed the back cover from the freezer compartment to view the coils.  They mostly entirely clean, but there is heavy frost right at the top - where it appears the thermostat is install - the thermostat is encased in frost.  The fan does run most of the time (except when I find the freezer in the 40 F state - again, assuming this is defrost).   I have vacummed the coils underneath the unit to make sure they are clear and clean. The frost is on the top, end of the coil - the part of the coil that has the thermostat from where the coil starts along the coil past the first and second bend.   The frost is just on the coil and isn't built up on the fins or between the fins.  I am not clear if this behavior (frost on a small part of the coils & the thermostat) indicates a simple, low cost repair (like replacing the thermostat) or is a sign that this unit likely has a sealed system issue and so needs to be retired. Any suggestions?   I have pictures of the coils and thermostat, but I haven't quite determined how to upload them here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  6. I'm wrestling with a defrost issue with Frigidaire side by side. Had it serviced by a tech due to a drop in temp and alarm beeping. Coils were completely encased in ice. After manually defrosting, heater and defrost thermostat were tested to be within spec. Conclusion of the tech was " bad main control board". Quoted price was 300.00 plus labor. I sourced the part locally (new) and replaced it myself. Fridge came to temp quickly and held with no issues for about a week then the same symtoms appeared - back wall and coils completely iced over, obviously not defrosting. What do I look at next?
  7. Happy new year to all! My question is which or if a universal defrost timer may be used to replace factory defrost timer SONXIE # DBZA-1608-2D3 it's a low end frige need to keep repair  cost to a minimum. Would appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks, George 
  8. By the end of this month, I need to purchase a new 5 cu ft freezer that I can pick up and fit inside my friend's car.   I'm looking to purchase an Insignia™ - 5.0 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer - White ($169.99) from Best Buy. Is it a good idea to buy their 5-Year Standard Geek Squad Protection Plan for $99.99? They would even reimburse me up to $200 for food loss if an awful occurrence were to spoil everything.   Or, should I take my chances and purchase one of the following: IGLOO 5.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer ($150) - Home Depot Magic Chef 5.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer ($169) - Home Depot Idylis 5-cu ft Chest Freezer ($148) - Lowe's   I'd get just a little bit more cubic feet and the Idylis one is currently the cheapest. Albeit, according to my research, these products tend to fail more than the better or more major brands such as Amana and GE. Neither Home Depot nor Lowe's will cover food loss caused by Igloo and Magic Chef freezers unfortunately. If I were to purchase one of the three freezers listed from Home Depot or Lowe's, they would only offer me a replacement-only plan for up to 2 years maximum after the manufacturer's warranty stops.   Lastly, the GE 5-cu ft Chest Freezer costs $199 at Home Depot (Delivery only - $59.99 fee) whereas it's $219 (Pickup is offered, no fees) at Lowe's. With this product, Lowe's offers a 5-yr Extended Protection Plan for $99.97 (along with up to $250 for food reimbursement). This freezer is supposed to be a lot better than any of the ones listed.   Here are my main concerns: Wasting money on an extended warranty for a superior product that won't break down at all within 5-6 years of warranty coverage Wasting money on delivery fees Buying a troublesome product with minimal warranty coverage Having all of my non-covered food spoil Freezer breaks after the warranty's over The Idylis 5-cu ft Chest Freezer is available now in countless Lowe's locations and I can pick it up at the store at anytime, but I'll have to wait until the end of December if I want to get any of the other freezers. I didn't even go food shopping yet because I want to get everything in one-shot right after purchasing the freezer.     Due to my indecisive nature, I suck at making these kinds of crucial decisions on my own. What do you think I should do?! 
  9. It's taking forever for it to get cold!   My last freezer had a similar issue and it was due to lack of Freon (or refrigerant). Many speculated that it was due to an internal leak.    I couldn't risk all of my food going bad to a possible future and sudden breakdown, so I needed to return it ASAP.   After persistently contacting the store that sells these used freezers over the course of days, they finally replace it today.   And instead of this freezer using Freon gas, it uses something called R134A. This upright freezer can store up to 5.3 Oz. (149 Grams) of it.       My main concern now is that it has been 3 hours since it was delivered and it's not freezing cold yet!!    I plugged it in and it's not cold or freezing temperature!! The store staff said to wait for at least an hour after plugging it in for better results, but I don't see any better results!!   I really, really hope there isn't a leak in this one too! It seems like it may be low on refrigerant, such is a bad sign...     Here are some pictures of this product:   Here is the video to hear want the freezer sounds like:  
  10. Hello. Recently, I purchased a refurbished freezer. The product is under temporary warranty for at least the next 30 days.   From the time they delivered the freezer up until now, it was extremely warm and had zero coolness. It had no frost and wasn't freezing at all.   I complained to them over the phone for the last 2 days.   Before the product left the store, all of the staff said, "but it was working beautifully and very frío" and that they "put plenty of Freon in it." When the product came to my house it wasn't working properly.   I called yesterday morning and they said they'll send someone out to fix it. A few hours later that day, no one showed up. So I called again and they said, "We'll just get a new one for you."    Earlier today, the store manager told me, "the freezer doesn't NEED an exchange right now." Later today, he came to load the Freon into the compressor. He said his "didn't put enough Freon in it." He said Freon can "last for YEARS and YEARS" and he'll only exchange it if it stops working. I'm not 100% comfortable with this broken-on-arrival product. I'm pretty sure that whether or not it's working that I can still exchange this for another freezer. The other freezer they have is an upright freezer, which I prefer to have. They are a "no refund, exchange only" kind of store. I'm currently stuck with an Amana-brand 7.0 cu ft chest freezer. The model number is C101DW.    This almost perfectly describes my situation (I'm not 100% sure about the leak though):   Does adding Freon, a refrigerant/coolant, to a freezer indicate that there is an undiagnosed issue with the appliance? The guy that was loading it with Freon said it's supposed to have 7 ounces of Freon ideally.    Here are the pictures of my freezer:   He said there is a leak ONLY if the freezer is over 0 degrees and if it makes certain sound. Currently, the freezer temperature is under 0 degrees according.   Also, I noticed that the access panel is missing. Without this, the compressor can easily be viewed and perhaps exposed.   Sorry if this post is too long. Could someone please confirm if the information they provided to me is accurate?
  11. PLEASE HELP!! I have a Delfield freezer, model no. is GFR2-G.   My freezer compressor have a problem. It makes "clicking" sounds sometimes. sounds like compressor tries to start but fails. this sound repeat 5-6 times then compressor begins to work normal.  I have had this problem for 6 months.   I read the post below and guess maybe it's problem of start relay, but I could not find where the relay is. I just saw two big capacitor.     I put the video on youtube.       thank you very much!!  
  12. Made a call today for a frozen freezer warm refrigerator.  Parts house did not have bimetal, control board or thermistor in stock, have to make a order from ware house 2 days away.  Client is a friend who makes killer tamales. (Yea I work for food).  Cant put into defrost with normal WP key dances.   Evaporator solid block of ice.  Compressor just pumping away.  Temp -14.   Defrost with steamer to get access to limit.    Limit looks OK  will  meter it when I put into diagnostic defrost cycle.Freezer Thermistor is in channel running to light receptacle at front of freezer. As I work at melting ice I notice that refrigerator door switch controls Evap fan.   nothing else unb usual.    Have way thru job I push & hold on off button on user interface control board.   Lights on interface power off as well as Evap & condenser fans.  Compressor keeps on pumping.    Hit the evap coils with stem which melts frost & it frosts right back up.   Thinking control board got to be a little bonkers.   Pull up a service sheet for a 106.74202402 here on Apliantology,  close enough I guess.  Entry into diagnostic mode is different than I have done before.  Tomorrow I will try to put it into defrost to see if it will go before ordering a new board.   This unit is 10 years old, something I have not seen.  Even the IM is different, has a squirrel cage fan mounted to the module head.     All positive comments welcomed  I am leaning toward new board.
  13. Two issues here, I think.   First and most critical:  Frost build up in freezer and  ice blocking the two vents at the roof inside refrig compartment.  (So far,  I've unplugged unit, melted all ice, and removed back panel of freezer)   Second:  Refrig. compartment has always been slow to recover from door opening.   Takes forever for it to get back to temperature. (Has  been like this since I bought it 4 1/2 months ago at Salvation Army.)   Thanks
  14. LG bottom freezer has ER DH on display. OK, First of all, this fridge does not have a cooling issue and does not have ice building up in the freezer. Defrost heater and terminator are closed. Defrost thermistor is showing correct readings. The board does defrost in test mode. Customer explained the fridge made some loud clicking noises repeatedly and then had the error. He explained that a week or two later the same noise was heard and the error has now gone away. It has continued without error for 2 days now. I reccomend starting out by changing the thermistor/terminator assembly but I am betting it's the board. Maybe someone has seen this issue before. Also, I have had quite a few LGs that have had wiring issues, I found this by trying to test the DF heater from the board and read open, but when going in the replace the heater it tested food. This issue may be happening intermittently. ANY help is aprecciated.
  15.  i am a service tech . with a small company . i have a ge  refrigerator  model pfs22misbb or pfs22m1sbb   the cust called me and said the freezer was at -9 f  and the refrig was at 50 f . i went out to check it the evap coils were completely  frosted over . so no air could pass through them  so the refrig would be warm . i removed the frost build up off the coils   checked the defrost thermostat  was not popped  i left enough frost around it to check to make sure it was closed . it was the heater was fine  i used my meter to check it . the evap fan was running . so i thought ok heater is good thermostat good has to be the main board . change the board . told the cust givwe it 24 hours to get stable  . week later cust calls , keith its doing it again same thing .go out sure enough coils frosted over again . i spoke to my buddy who worked with ge for awhile . he said the evap fan may be stopping . ok go and change that . week later same thing coils frosted over again .i am going crazy at this point . i went back yesterday replaced the defrost thermostat . i noticed there are 3 thermistors  used in this unit the parts break down shows 2 . . i saw one tied to the evap coil in the freezer . it was the old style . i remembered samsung had a issue with the defrost thermistor on their units . i cant find any diagram of this model and dont have connections to ges tech support . so i changed the thermistor  on the evaporator line . at this point i dont know what more to do . if anyone has any leads please let me know 
  16. Frigidaire Freezer FFC05M0AW1 runs but isn't cooling.  How can I check what may be wrong with it?  Have searched forum but no posts to show me how.
  17. I have the afore mentioned Samsung Side by Side refrigerator Model # RS267RSLB. The defrost heater is not working. I have defrosted the substantial ice build up on the refrigerator side manually and for a couple of weeks the refrigerator will work fine for a couple of weeks. I know the ice buildup is occurring when the refrigerator rises to 50 degrees and won't go lower. I assume the defrost heater assembly needs to be replaced. However parts catalogs for this model show Samsung Part Number AP5588117 The defrost heater currenty installed is different in appearance, it covers the entire evaporator coil,, Any suggestions on how I might find the correct part number? I am also not sure how to test the entire defrost heater assembly end to end, will continuity when at cold temps confirm it is good?    ​Your help and guidance would be much appreciated.  John in North Carolina
  18. To all Appliance Masters                                              I humbly request assistance. This combo drawer model has a refrigerator on top and a freezer on the bottom. The freezer works fine but the refrigerator is warm, no cooling available. No fault codes are displayed. Beer is warm masters. Making life unsuitable for simpletons as I.    Respectfully
  19. LFX33975ST-04

    LG refrigerator less than 2 years old, works sometimes. rest o the times wont cool at all
  20. GE SXS fridge: MOD: GSL25JFTCB   I havent been out to this call yet but customer complains freezer is defrosting items and melting ice, then refreezes stuff, and ice clumps together.  I haven't found anything here on appliantology about it for this model. Anybody heard of this problem before? Or on other models?  What may cause this?  Thanks 
  21. The Fridgidaire upright freezer is not as cold as when new, and gradually getting worse.  The interior temp was 10F several months ago, 15F a few weeks ago, and is currently holding at around 20F.  These temps don't vary much with the temp control inside being moved anywhere between middle and coldest. The model number is FFU11FC2CW2, serial number WB41144406. I checked the bottom area of the freezer and cleaned out the dust, but I didn't get to do anything with the evaporator. The sides of the freezer get pretty warm and stay that way. Are there any typical issues with this model I need to check? Thanks, Bob
  22. MBR2258XES3

    I would like a service manual that shows me how to remove the freezer compartment rails so that I can get to the inside parts.
  23. I need a repair manual to troubleshoot the above side by side refridgerator. The freezer works ok but the refrigerator parts gets warm. Took the plate off the evap coil and it is iced over. Turned unit off and melted ice. Worked ok a few days, then iced up again. Not sure if its the fan, defrost timer, defrost coil or circuit board. Need schematic/repair manual to troubleshoot.   Thanks Rich 
  24. File Name: Miele 37-1901 Freezer Service Bundle File Submitter: Spannerwrench File Submitted: 24 Aug 2015 File Category: Appliance Repair Manual Pot Luck Supper Pub# 37-1901 Model(s): F 1411 Vi [uSA-CAN] , F 1801 Vi [uSA-CAN], F 1811 Vi [uSA-CAN], F 1901 Vi [uSA-CAN], F 1911 Vi [uSA-CAN], F 1411 SF [uSA-CAN] , F 1801 SF [uSA-CAN], F 1811 SF [uSA-CAN], F 1901 SF [uSA-CAN], F 1911 SF [uSA-CAN] Miele Freezer Service Manual   Wiring Diagram   Programming Modes Click here to download this file
  25. Version


    Pub# 37-1901 Model(s): F 1411 Vi [uSA-CAN] , F 1801 Vi [uSA-CAN], F 1811 Vi [uSA-CAN], F 1901 Vi [uSA-CAN], F 1911 Vi [uSA-CAN], F 1411 SF [uSA-CAN] , F 1801 SF [uSA-CAN], F 1811 SF [uSA-CAN], F 1901 SF [uSA-CAN], F 1911 SF [uSA-CAN] Miele Freezer Service Manual   Wiring Diagram   Programming Modes