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  1. Alright guys I'm stuck. We have this JenAir Refrigerator model is JS48SEDBDA I have the service manual from service matters, doesn't help. I'm wondering if anyone has run into this issue. we got called out because the unit was completely off, not responding no lights (no power) when we arrived we found power 120vac to the power board and then nothing out so we ordered a power board and the inverter board for the compressor (we've found a lot of those inverter boards failing if the unit is on off on off on off so just in case) went out, installed both boards nothing. BUT found that power was now leaving the power board and going to the main board but didn't have a full schematic, once we got that we traced the power and found power going to the main board but not out so we replaced the main board and the unit powered up just long enough to cycle the fans, the compressor (for just a few seconds) because once my tech heard the unit power up he opened up the fresh food door and started pushing buttons, found that the lower crisper drawer (czc drawer) is working fine, it powers on (the display) the damper opens and closes, its working, he turned the upper drawer on (with both drawers on now) and the whole thing turned off, no power again same symptom we sat on the phone together for about an hour tracing wires and that's when I found out from the service manual that the unit's czc drawers AND dispenser boards are in line together but the power board is programed to turn off the unit entirely if it feels more amp draw from that particular circuit so its turning everything off, I asked my tech to bring me the upper czc drawer (the service manual says that if, after eliminating all other possibilities, test the czc drawer and dispenser in more detail BUT THEY DON'T LIST THE EXPECTED RESULTS !!!! *here diagnose this thingy ok how just look at it really hard and hopefully it tells you what's wrong with it* (f$%RKS)) so we got the czc drawer to the shop, I hooked up my regulated dc testing unit and gave it 12vdc and got the display to power up but no damper so I took out the damper hooked it up to the dc unit and saw the door jerk like it wanted to move but couldn't even though it ohmed out ok, I replaced the damper for the upper czc drawer and sent the guy back out (I tested the touchpad, buttons were responding, the fan came on, the damper started opening and closing). he got out, plugged in the czc drawer and guess what happened? the whole thing powered off again!!! this makes me think (since everything else was responding in a controlled environment) that there is a problem with the dispenser board since its in circuit? but I cant keep throwing the kitchen sink at this thing has anyone gotten into this before? how did you get out? maybe someone out there has the service manual which shows how to test the czc components? We left the home owner with a working fridge because unplugged the upper czc drawer the climate zone crispers are nla so I can't just order one and install it I have to do component by component but if it has a bad cpu in that czc I'm screwed because there aren't any damn part numbers for it, I was able to determine that the main damper is the same as the dampers in the drawers so I got lucky there but it didn't change anything! Thanks in advance for all the help guys!!!
  2. need service manual for jennair jes9750bas