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GE Refrigertor. Model #: PSC25SGSA SS

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Need Service Repair Manual  Model PSC25SGSA  GE Fridge

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

GE stuff is gard to get..

I may have a similar service manual, depending on the problem.


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Beer side is warm, FZ is fine.  Three times the Beer compartment has gotten warm and each time worse than the previous.  First time 45, second 54, last 87.  Reset the fridge and works fine.  First couple of time thought the door might have been open but the last one indicates that is not the case. These excursions have occured over the past 4 months.  Current findings from data I could find on the net.  I thought the Adapative Defrost might be the issue since the issue is very random.  Possibly the Defrost Thermostat(s) could be failing.  I think this is the unit with two evaporators but not sure. 

Diagnostic Test 0,3:  Temperature Control Board to Dispenser Board Comms, Failed.

Tested the Dispenser and all functions working properly. 

Diagnostic Test 0,6 All lights normal and shut off properly

All other Diagonstic test issues check good.  Even ran the 1,4 defrost and no significant temp movement other than what I would have expected.

Meassured Thermistor Source Voltage (5.01Vdc), Thermistor Voltages and removed connector and checked the Thermistor Resistances. Data as follows:

FZ Temp: -2  Beer Compartment: 34

(1) FFTOP  1.35Vdc  5.53Kohms Failure

(2) FFBOT  2.47Vdc  14.72Kohms 

(3) FZ   3.54Vdc 36.4Kohms

(4) EVAP   3.76Vdc  41.2Kohms

2,3,4 seem to be close to correct.  I don't understand the 10Kohm difference between the FZ and EVAP.

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