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GE Profile WPSR3100W1WW

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I have a Ge Profile Washer WPSR3100W1WW and it seems not spin out the clothes well enough for the owner It seems to spin at a good clip but i thought alot of these go to some crazy fast almost like it going to blow itself abpart fast spin . like a final spin cycle how can i test for that I dont think it the times cause every cycle it spins at the rather fast speed and there is a spin selection on the display it will spin at the slow and at the fast selection. does this even have a high spin and do you have a manual If anyone has testing info out for me to check or another list of things to confirm. or heck how about a service manual what do yall think.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

Download link for manual 31-10008 PMed.

Electrical causes could include:

Bad speed winding on the motor.

Bad timer contact.

Mechanical causes:

Slipping belt.

Bad clutch.

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The belt looks good and does not seem to slip

The barrel or tub does not seem to spin easily like it had a bad clutch brake assembly

the motor will spin at two speeds depending on the setting on the controll panel gentle slow and normal fast.

does this model have like a third speed like a final spin thats faster than its initial spin you know to get the very least bits of water out? the cloths seem damp or damper than normal to the home owner especially jeans ans linen sets I asked her if she overloaded the washer she said she rarely even fills it half way up.

any thoughts?

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... does this model have like a third speed

WPSR3100W1WW parts search at RepairClinic shows

2 Speed motor & clutch kit


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