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PFS22SISSS GE Refrigerator

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Unit ran for three days with bad condensor fan and control board. Compressor was to hot to touch when shut down. Replaced motor and board. Now compressor will not start. Clicks and runs for about ten seconds and then clicks and shuts off. Repeats about every 3 to 5 minutes. Would hard start hurt new control board?? Amp draw when compressor does come on for short period is 9.5 amps on black wire and 3.5 amps on blue wire. Due to location, can't tell which is run and which is start.

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

No, a hard start kit will not harm the motherboard. Try installing an RCO410 hard start kit to see if the compressor will start. If it still won't start, give the compressor a smack with a rubber mallet, sometimes that gives at the wallop it needs to get going. ==>

Before you install the hard start kit, test of the compressor motor windings with a megger. See this video for details on that:

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how's the Compressor Start Relay ?

Compressor has original Overload device ?

Depending on first (2) characters of serial number,

M/B and Evaporator Fan may be covered under service bulletin

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