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Fridgidaire D/W Service Manual for Model: FDB4315LFC0

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Hi I am looking for a manual for a Fridgidaire D/W Model: FDB4315LFC0. 


A nice guy gave me this dishwasher because it didn't work.  He said it would fill with water but wouldn't "spin".  I took everything appart and all the motors and traps were filled with breadties, plastic, hunks of glass, ceramic... it was pretty crazy.  I cleaned it very well and put everything back together.  It spins like crazy now and water circulates and drains BUT... the front panel doens't light up all the buttons and I'm trying to figure out if I can determine if it's the main board or just the panel.  Both are expensive.


Anyway, any tips, tricks or hints and a manual would be appreciated.


Thank you!

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