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Hi group,


I have a 1983 condo and it has an INTERNATIONAL COMFORT PRODUCTS FSM2X2400A1 AC/Heater unit. 1/4 hp 1.8 motor fla 1/60 phase test/max esp .12/.05 in. w.c. the unit was vacant for 2-3 years, blower works but the AC/Heater are not producing anything.


I have basic electrical skills and downloaded the FYI at the beginning of the forum from the Expert on basic testing. I was wondering if there are any other basic things I might test before getting an AC guy out to go up on the roof. I've had a lot of bad luck here and nothing has gone easily. I'm sure with that said I will need a new AC unit before I cry about that, I would like to check anything out that I'm capable of.



Thanks a lot, David

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