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[Workshop] Using Timer Charts and Schematics to Troubleshoot, Sunday, December 9 @3PM ET

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Son of Samurai

Who: All tech members at Appliantology: Professional Appliantologists, Senior Appliantology Fellows, Legacy Techs, and Master Samurai Tech Alumni at Appliantology

What: Being able to analyze a schematic and see how a circuit is supposed to function is real work that all goes on inside our heads when we're troubleshooting an electrical problem. Even though customers don't see anything happening when we do this, schematic analysis is the indispensable, high skill part of our job as techs. In this workshop, we're going to use the timing chart and schematic on the tech sheet to troubleshoot a no-agitate problem on an old skool Whirlpool direct drive washer. Even techs who have repaired thousands of these machines can get tripped up on this one and start guessing or, worse, blindly changing parts. By using the timing chart and schematic together, we will determine exactly how the motor circuit is supposed to operate. And if you know how a circuit is supposed to work, you can always determine exactly what's wrong in these simple circuits-- no guesswork, no parts changing. We'll use the Ten Step Tango™ Troubleshooting procedure to develop a troubleshooting strategy and working hypothesis along with specific electrical tests to test our hypothesis. 

When: Sunday, December 9, 2018, at 3PM Eastern Time (adjust your time zone accordingly)

Where: All of our web meetings are powered by Join.me. Click the link below and fill out the form on that page to request connection details:


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