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[Workshop] How to Build a Tech


Tech Training
Son of Samurai

What do you do when you need to grow your team of appliance techs in order to meet the demand for service calls, but you can't find any job candidates with experience? This is the reality for thousands of companies across the country, since very few quality techs with experience are on the job market. You're in luck: with the training options available today, you can build a tech! Hire based on character and aptitude, then add training and some experience, and you'll have an independent appliance tech in a matter of months.

We'll discuss the hiring and the training process that many successful companies have used to grow their crew of techs so that they can meet their customer's needs. Although building a tech takes a little time, the end result is often more desirable because you can build good habits and conform them to your system early on.

You'll come away with a lot of tips and ideas that you can begin to implement right away to grow your team of service techs. Bonus: if you have current techs who could use some improvement, we'll discuss how to do that as well!

Who: You! This workshop is FREE for the first 100 registrants and open to all appliance techs, service managers, and appliance repair company business owners.

When: Sunday, April 11th @5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Where: Online via Zoom


  1. Click here to register and get the online connection details via email.
  2. Arrive early to make sure your connection is working and that you get a spot. Space is limited! The webinar is usually open 15 minutes prior to start time.

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Will we be able to watch a replay of the webinar? If so how do we get access to it...Thanks

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