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Appliantology Live Dojo, Saturday, 4/13/2024 @10 AM ET


Son of Samurai
Tech Training

Event details

All Appliantology tech members are invited to join in this workshop on all things Appliantological: bidness, customers, tools, troubleshooting, flavorite brewski, whatever. Webcams and microphones are open and live!

Our special topic this time is a detailed functional breakdown of the Whirlpool HybridCare heat pump dryer. We're going to be walking through how these machines work, such as how they use a sealed system as part of their heating system. There are also some interesting points about part availability (or unavailability!) that are important to know, as well as some common sources of customer complaints.

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Who: This workshop is only available to tech members at Appliantology.

When: Saturday, April 13 @10:00 AM Eastern Time.

Where: Online via Zoom


  1. Click here to go to the forum topic with the registration link. If you're interested, register now.
  2. Arrive a couple minutes early to make sure your connection is working.
  3. Set a reminder for yourself for this workshop so you don’t miss it. 

And check out past workshops here: https://appliantology.org/announcement/33-webinar-recordings-index-page/

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