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GE GLD5800L00BB dishwasher

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Geetings and salutations my friends!

I am in need of a tech. sheet for a GE GLD5800L00BB dishwasher. I have a blinking clean light and cannot check some of the individual components because the machine is trapped under the counter by the floor. Anybody out there with any information?

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man

No gotty the tech sheet for this one.

Can you remove the kickplates or does the floor prevent this? If so, there should be a tech sheet on the back of the kickplates.

Can always purchase a new tech sheet from GE. Last time I did this, I think it was about $11. Fax or mail, your choice.

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on a similar model EDW5000L00 (same Controller) 31-9085 Triton XL


Status Indicator Lights  


Cycle has been interrupted by pressing the START/RESET  keypad. Light will quitflashing after the dishwasher automatically drains out the water.


Unit has no water. Check the water supply. If water is turned on call for service.

PM'd manual link

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