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Amana Side by Side Service Manual

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As my first post, I take this occasion to thank Gurus and Newbies for their disinterested support and precious suggestions they constantly share here in the Samurai house.

Since Amana has been taken over by Whirlpool/Maytag, the support for this brand is day by day more difficult to achieve here in Italy.

In other European countries, Whirlpool takes care of Amana Customers and support them with technical assistance.

In Italy we're completely abandoned and there's only a Support Center in Bologna (150 miles away from my town) that can "suggest" (with no responsibility) some private "unbranded" repair men, that may "lend a hand"....

Therefore, even if I'm more familiar with short waves tuners and PCs than fridges, I have to leave oscilloscopes and signal generators apart and try by myself to solve the common and already discussed here, intermittent warming problem of my Amana Side by Side (my model ID is SRD520T).

I would like to start from the cleaning of the condenser coil and then try to go further, if needed.

I already have the Owner, "Use and Care" and Installation Manuals.

No one of these shows either a picture of the electric elements/parts and how to disassemble them.

So I need a Service Manual or, if unavailable, a Service Manual of a Side by Side really similar to mine (probably some Whirlpool fridges use the same parts and layouts).

If there's no really chance, even some suggestions or useful links are welcome.

Before pulling out all the food and transfer it to another box, I would like to have some knowledge.

Thanks again

Stefania :)

P.S. A small update to publish a link to a Maytag Side by Side fridge manual just to know if it may be used as a starting point (there are some more pictures than the Amana one)

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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!

International Side by Side 997 T Model Refrigerators

Wiring Diagram / Tech Sheet:

is there a BOM/Manufacturing Number after the model number ...

SRD520TE  P1308801W E

SRD520TE P1313101W E

SRD520TW P1308801W W

SRD520TW P1313101W W

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Thank you very much....

The fastest reply ever....


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I'm back to you just to confirm that my fridge is the

SRD520T (E)  P1308801W (E)

and from what I saw on the site you indicated in your previous, kind message and where the Manual RS5290000 R0 - 1998 is stored, the right one for my Amana (electric and not electronic) should be the:

RS520001 Manual

I tried to query the database on the same site, but I didn't succeed in finding it (I think that service manuals are obviously not indexed...).

I suppose that from a mechanical point of view, there are no meaningful differences between the two.

If I can't succeed in solving the bug with some cleaning, disassembling and reassembling, I think I will beg you to support me once more in rescuing the precise manual for P1308801W (RS520001), if this last one shows more than the technical information sheet (RT5290007) I already downloaded.

Thank you again for your patience.

Ste :headscratch:

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upon closer investigation ... 

could be all the same ...

SRD520TE  P1308801W E    no listing

SRD520TE P1313101W E    RT5290014

SRD520TW P1308801W W   no listing

SRD520TW P1313101W W   RT5290014


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Ok. :D

With some magic, I hope to end up with a good score.

Let's go.

Thank you


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