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GE Profile PDS22MCPBWW service manual request

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Senores y Senoras:

I MAY have fixed my warm beer, plenty of ice problem (replaced control board and evap thermistor) thanks to the info gleaned from this fine forum.  If not, the evaporator should freeze up any day now....it's been about two weeks since I made the repair.  So far, so good. 

should pull the cover and check the evaporator for ice-up this weekend, but I probably won't, because I am a lazy, S.D. Chargers-watching couch potato, and I would prefer to just drink my cold beer in peace.

If it freezes up again, or when something else inevitably fails, I'll be in need of a service manual and any other top-secret info (e.g. service bulletins) on this model.

BTW, Serial # TFO64291 appears to fall about five minutes out of the motherboard recall....hmmm.  Looked like a couple of blown caps and a bit of heat under the two large resistors (R95,R96) on the original board.

I also installed a Leviton duplex surge suppressor in the wall for a bit of added insurance.




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Need appliance parts? Call 877-803-7957 now!


maybe ...


Other users whose serial numbers were out of range have had good luck calling GE's 800 number ..

The Board may be in warranty, and they may send the Board to you, but you may have to have it "installed" ;)  by an authorized GE servicer ...

GE_Refrig_Board.pdf  attachment.php?id=2760

service manual link PM'd

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Received.  Thanks!

I swear it is MCP.  Here's photographic evidence.  According to the manual you just sent me the "P" stands for model year 2003.  Interesting, I guess my fridge is actually two years outside of that recall.  I can't believe I've had it that long.

I think the really rare part of the model number is the BWW at the end.  That never seems to come up in a parts search, only AWW.

I figure it got lost in the Maquiladora shuffle, or maybe the ones that were stuffed full of pot before they were shipped across the border have a unique model number, thus the "P". haha.





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