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Water softener resin and other questions

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First, Thanks to all of you, for giving me the knowledge to fix all of the different appliances over the years. By just searching this site I have repaired all sorts of  things.

 My problem and questions

I have well water at my house with a model whes whirlpool softener. I have 14 ppg hardness with 5 ppg iron. I installed this softener in 10/06. Just 2 people live in the house with very minimal water useage. The softener seems to operate fine. it brines, backwashes, and etc. This softener, according to the manual should be able to handle this load easily. This whirlpool did a fine job when I installed it, but the salt bridged on me and I didn't catch the problem for a month or so. It seems that the resin bed is fouled (with iron)or shot. I get very little soft water.

  Will the product, Iron out wear out (sic) or hurt the resin bed with multiple use or does it actually help the longevity?

  What is the best way to clean the resin bed?

  I have read that a resin bed should last 10 or 15 years as long as you aren't running chlorine thru it . Is this true.

Any insight is greatly appreciated !!

I could replace the resin but at 150 to 200 dollars I wonder if I should just get a new softener.

 Where is the best place to get resin? Any resin that is better than the next? I know to use fine resin for the iron removal.

Thank you for all your past and future help

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There are several types of resin cleaner that you can buy (chemical mix-up)such as Sears resin cleaner or Iron out, you mix up a measure of the product with warm water and then cause your softener to draw it into the bed instead of the brine. I usually remove whatever device is extending into the brine mixture and place it into a large bucket with the mixture and then after the solution is drawn into it - place the softener in bypass and allow the solution to have some contact time with the resin bed. By the time the regeneration cycle is finished should be adequate. Then open the bypass again and run 1/2 dozen consecutive regenerations.

After a Week or so, test your water for hardness and Iron again and see how it looks, if that doesn't rejuvenate the bed, it's likely pooched.

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Thanks Kdog !

 I had thought of running a solution of Iron Out directly into the softener, ( from the brine line) but was concerned that I might harm the bed with that strong of concentration. I guess it doesn't work to well this way, so what have I got to lose.

Again, Thanks for your imput!


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Thought I would update everyone.

I tried flushing the fouled softener to no avail.

I went to a different forum (oh the horror) that deal with plumbing and softeners.

I decided to replace the resin with a special resin (sst-60) and replace the down pipe in the resin tank with a turbolator. This was not exactly recommended, but if you read between the lines, that is what to use for high iron. There seemed to be a general consensus that I needed a bigger unit.

It is working very well and I am extremely happy with the outcome.

If anyone decides to do something like this, I will say it is fairly easy. Just make sure the valve isn't bleeding by hard water. The other thing is knowledge is not easily obtained. You can have all the numbers and all the info and still no one will come out and say what they recommend.


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