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Scale Blaster - Success or Snake Oil?

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In trying to resolve my bigtime hard water problem (16 gpg or so), which results in poor cleaning in my dishwasher, I called out my plumber to discuss plumbing options for a traditional water softener.

He looked it over and said I was a prime candidate for a Scale Blaster SB-150. It's an electrical device that pulses current through wires wrapped around the pipe.

Plumber assured me that he, too, was a skeptic, but, after seeing the significant reduction in scale build up in a family's electric water heater (from 5 inches of accumulated scale to a couple of inches of goopy mess after 90 days), he's a believer.

Will such a device get my effective water hardness down and make my dishwasher work again?

What say you, masters?

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$ 800   :spaz:

you can buy a lot of smoke & mirrors for $ 800

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Indeed, RegUS_PatOff.

However, none of my options is particularly cheap.

  1. Dishwasher with a built-in softener: $1400-$1600; couple hundred bucks if I gamble on used and spend several hours getting it and installing it.
  2. Traditional water softener: $600 - $1000, plus plumbing modifications (including a drain for the backwash).
  3. The Scale Blaster Gizmo: $900 (they install it, check it again in 90 days).


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I agree with you. I'm only considering it because my (reputable) plumber is advising it as the most cost-effective course of action. I didn't ask whether it came with a satisfaction guarantee. Perhaps I should.

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.   A client of mine had picked up a ScaleWatcher


and had me install it for her.

.   I was back on a unrelated matter and asked her how it worked.  She told me she used to have to remove her showerhead every month or two and soak it in vinegar to get it working again.  Now it has been well over a year and she hasn't had to clean it at all.

.   I have another client that runs out of hot water because her boiler gets such deposits the heat doesn't penetrate the tube well.  She has the boiler technician come and clean it regularly.  I've been pushing her to try it, because it would be another definitive case.

.   The installation instructions are very detailed about how the wire must be wrapped how far it must be from intersections etc.  If it is as important as they say, then I gather a lot of people install them wrong and then think they don't work well.

. Bottom line: hers works great, was installed correctly, and cost about $500.  There is a smaller version for $180.

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