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Ecowater ERO-R450E RO system

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We've had this unit 2 years and it has begun to leak from a couple different places in the housing. One place is an opening on top of the unit (postfilter end) within the wire strain relief. No idea what the purpose of this opening is. The other place it leaks is the seam along the back of the unit where the hanger bracket fuses to the body of the housing. I've disconnected the in and outflow tubes, examnied the auto shutoff assembly, replaced evey o-ring in those. It seems to leak only after the system has pressurized awhile . The housing has no sign of cracks or other wear. It must be coming back up through one of the sumps? I checked the collets and o-rings in the tubing. Didn't replace those o-rings..they looked fine and seems like if one them is letting water pass, I would see the leak coming from that port.

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